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Sat Jun 13 14:53:20 EDT 2015

photo stories The orchard keepers by Bryony Dunne

Sinai, the land of extremes, is mostly in the headlines these days due to
land disputes, drug trafficking or religious violence. But beyond the
headlines, hidden in South Sinai’s mountain valleys, lie hidden orchards —
tiny patches of green life dating back to biblical times and tended to by
dedicated Bedouin from the Gabaliya tribe. I traveled to the Sinai desert
in 2012 to photograph the remaining Gabaliya garden owners. The orchards
could only be reached on foot through steep passes, so each morning I would
hike to search them out. Sometimes I would just go for the day, and others
for a week. Every orchard has its own distinct character, manifest in the
way the walls were built, the crops that are grown and how they are stored
and used. Some are meticulously maintained and are an essential source of
food for families. Others are more symbolic. In one, a pair of old olive
trees has been kept in memory of a family that spent many summers there. In
addition to this photography collection, which has been published in a
photo book, I produced a documentary film about the orchard keepers. The
film describes the tender trap between a deep and meaningful tradition and
the encroaching claws of modernity. The film will be screened and the book
presented by Maria Golia (author of photography and Egypt) on June 10 at
the Contemporary Image Collective (CIC) at 7 pm. www.TheOrchardKeepers.com

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