[permaculture] Citizens Across U.S. Hosting Events to Demand WWII-Scale Climate Mobilization on Sunday 6/14

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Citizens Across U.S. Hosting Events to Demand WWII-Scale Climate
Mobilization on Sunday 6/14

Wed Jun 10, 2015 at 04:07 PM PDT
Citizens Across U.S. Hosting Events to Demand WWII-Scale Climate
Mobilization on Sunday 6/14

by The Climate Mobilization
for The Climate Mobilization

>From San Diego, California, to Portland, Maine, citizen mobilizers from
across the United States will be holding a variety of activities this
Sunday, 6/14, as part of the first
<http://www.dailykos.com/blog/The%20Climate%20Mobilization>National Climate
Mobilization Day <http://www.theclimatemobilization.org/mobilizationday>.
Events range from a teach-in held in New York City
<http://www.theclimatemobilization.org/margaretklein/teach-in> with
speakers/performers like Reverend Billy Talen of the Stop Shopping Gospel
Choir, to a rally from the WWII Memorial to the White House
<http://www.theclimatemobilization.org/mobilizedc> in Washington DC,
to a reenactment
of Paul Revere'™s midnight ride
<http://www.theclimatemobilization.org/midnightride> during the American
Revolution in San Diego, with Revere being played by former California
Congressman Jim Bates and the British villain being replaced by the threat
of climate disaster.

For two decades, leading environmental analysts have called for a World War
II-scale transformation of our unsustainable fossil fuel-powered economy,
in order to head off the threats of climate change and the global
ecological crisis. The Executive Directors of the Sierra Club and
Greenpeace, 350.org's Bill McKibben, and many other climate organizations
endorsed this in a 2011 letter to President Obama
<http://350.org/getting-message-where-it-counts/> calling for a
"wartime-like mobilization."

This metaphor was also recently used by Bill Nye, who challenged Rutgers
<http://time.com/3882613/bill-nye-graduation-speech-rutgers-university/> to
"œpreserve our world in the face of Climate Change and carry on as The Next
Great Generation." Even Hillary Clinton has stated
in 2007 that facing climate change is this generation's "Space Race. It is
our home-front mobilization during World War II and it is our response to
the Great Depression." (Though it's unclear whether she still stands by
that rhetoric, and what, exactly she would propose to match it.)

The idea of a WWII-scale climate mobilization has also been advocated in Time
in the New York Times by Thomas Friedman
<http://www.thomaslfriedman.com/bookshelf/hot-flat-and-crowded>, and by the
National Academy of Sciences Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate.

The Climate Mobilization is making history by campaigning for a WWII-scale
response to climate change, which is widely understood as a necessary, yet
politically unreachable goal.

The massive turnout for last September'™s People'™s Climate March proved
that climate action is broadly popular among Americans — now The Climate
Mobilization aims to popularize and build a mainstream movement for the
scale of action that is urgently necessary.

Founded in September 2014 by Dr. Margaret Klein Salamon, a Harvard-educated
psychologist and author, The Climate Mobilization uses a "Pledge to
Mobilize" as its primary organizing tool for disrupting climate denial and
passivity, in order to achieve this necessary mobilization.

The Climate Mobilization's Pledge to Mobilize
<http://www.theclimatemobilization.org/sign_the_pledge> calls on elected
officials to immediately commence a World War II-scale, full employment
mobilization to reduce national net greenhouse gas emissions 100% by 2025,
and deploy comprehensive measures to draw down greenhouse gases from the
atmosphere. The Pledge also calls on the federal government to prioritize
the elimination of global net greenhouse gas emissions at wartime speed.
The Pledge acknowledges both the consensus among scientists
<http://www.cnn.com/2015/01/14/opinion/co2-crisis-griffin/> that climate
change threatens the destruction of human civilization, as well as the
increasingly obvious reality that we have already entered the era of
dangerous climate change.

The Pledge to Mobilize concept was strengthened by a recent poll of
American voters
from the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, which found that 27%
(which roughly translates to 41 million registered voters) are worried
about global warming and would "definitely" or "probably" sign a pledge to
vote only candidates who share their views, if asked to by a person they
like and respect.

Pledge signers agree to support candidates who have also Pledged to
Mobilize, and to spread the Pledge to others. This provides every American
with an on-ramp into effective engagement on climate. The Pledge serves as
a bridge between hyperlocal activism and national and international
transformation. Mobilizers work within their own sphere of influence,
recruiting friends, family, neighbors, book group, congregation, and
coworkers to the mobilization.

With high-profile figures such as Ralph Nader, Winona LaDuke, Marshall
Saunders (the founder of Citizens' Climate Lobby) and former Congressman
Jim Bates having already taken the Pledge, The Climate Mobilization is
growing in membership and power. Michael Mann
<http://www.meteo.psu.edu/holocene/public_html/Mann/index.php>, a
world-class climate scientist and a lead author on the IPCC Third
Assessment, recently joined The Climate Mobilization'™s advisory board, and
Alina Valdes, a Democratic candidate in the 25th District Congressional
race in Florida recently signed TCM'™s petition calling for national
Climate Mobilization.

According to Klein Salamon, The Climate Mobilization is deadly serious
about saving civilization from climate disaster: "Our mission is to
commence a WWII-scale climate mobilization that transitions our energy and
agricultural systems to carbon neutrality at emergency speed. That is the
only possible way to restore a safe climate, and we must accept nothing

The Pledge to Mobilize impresses upon its supporters the existential threat
that our civilization faces in the absence of drastic action.

Klein Salamon asserts that the crisis in Syria, the drought in California,
and the increase in extreme weather represent only the very beginning of
the crisis our planet will face without a full-scale mobilization.

"We are in acute danger. Scientists know this. The Pentagon knows this. All
of us know this, on some level. Now we must face the frightening reality.
Now is the time for heroism."

There is no more burnable carbon
<http://www.nocarbonbudget.info/#%21report/c1m38>, and there is no time
left to wait. The time is now for Climate Mobilization. This will be made
clear throughout the presidential primaries, according to The Climate
Mobilization's deputy director, Ezra Silk, a reporter located in Southern

"June 14 is the opening salvo of a much broader political campaign," says
Silk. "œPoliticians of every persuasion will soon be faced with the urgent
call for '˜Climate Mobilization Now!'"

"Do our representatives have the fortitude to act in defense of
civilization, the natural world, the young, and our nation'™s highest
values? That is the question of our time."

More information on each event can be found at theclimatemobilization.org.

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