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Home - Stop TTIP Stop TTIP
Self-organised European Citizens’ Initiative against TTIP and CETA
New Video: TTIP & CETA – On the way to liberalisation


8. June 2015

Our new animated video summarises our critique on TTIP and CETA in 2
minutes. The agreements will restrict our options to make public policy
choices and force us onto a path of privatisation and liberalisation that
is irreversible.
European MEP search
SlyRatchet <http://www.reddit.com/user/SlyRatchet>
There should be about 6 different MEPs who represent your constituency.
Your constituency will likely be very large, containing a few million
people, and perhaps about a hundred miles wide. The METs will likely all be
members of different parties. Send an email or letter or phone call to all
of them, because no matter what party it is, they all represent you equally

Uncerious <http://www.reddit.com/user/Uncerious>
Reposting a repost (

All trade negotiations are in secret. If the negotiations were public,
corporations and nation states would try to use the media to shape the deal
to their advantage. It would be chaos. Once the text of the deal is
finalized, it becomes public. This occurs before the deal is voted on by
Congress, giving members of the public the opportunity to express their
support for or opposition to the deal to their representatives before they
vote on it. TPP cannot become law unless it is approved by Congress in a
vote that takes place well after the deal is finalized and made publicly
available for anyone to read.

I know the TPP is unpopular on Reddit. Maybe rightly so. But don't bash it
for being secret: all trade negotiations, just like virtually all
interstate negotiations (like the ongoing Iran deal), must be secret for
there to be any hope of agreement.

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