[permaculture] A Victory in Gatewood Neighborhood Okie City

Bob Waldrop bob at bobwaldrop.net
Tue Jun 9 16:21:58 EDT 2015

VICTORY!  I went for the appeal hearing today at 2 PM with my attorney 
James Matthew Branum​. And it was a very friendly experience.  The 18 
inch claim turned out to be two feet and applied only to the area within 
25 feet of the corner and 20 feet of the driveway.  Since all my plants 
were within that height range in that area, and since they were 
satisfied after looking at my list that I didn't have any weeds or tall 
grasses -- to show good faith I pulled the ornamental grasses since they 
(a) were tall, and (b) were grasses, although I don't know what that 
implies for the gorgeous stands of pampas GRASS that are found elsewhere 
in the neighborhood which like my ornamental grasses are (a) grass and 
(b) tall, lol . . . )

The hearing officer did say that I could apply for a permit for 
landscaping in the easement area, although he allowed as how he didn't 
think that anyone had ever actually applied for a permit for that 
purpose.  My attorney's advice was "that's a last resort" if I continue 
to get hassled.  I think our position is that absent a compelling state 
interest I can plant what I want outside of the driveway and corner 
sight triangles. It was about 20 minutes worth of hearing, before a 
hearing officer, someone from the city attorney's office, and the code 

Thanks to everyone for your support and the emails of encouragement and 
evidence that we submitted as part of our appeal. Sometimes it does pay 
to fight City Hall!

Bob Waldrop, practicing permaculture until I get good at it in the 
Gatewood Neighborhood of Okie City

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