[permaculture] Urban Conversion - New PBS TV show (excellent!)

Lawrence London lfljvenaura at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 22:33:18 EDT 2015

Urban Conversion is a television series on sustainabity and is celebrating
its inaugural season
this spring on local PBS and Create Channels.

The TV Show

*The Show*

What happens when you take a conservative city slicker, and drop him into
an “extreme green” o ff-the-grid lifestyle? You get Urban Conversion! There
is currently a global movement to create sustainable homestead–type
lifestyles in urban areas, and in the world of “going-green”, Rodman Schley
is eager to learn about what he can do to make positive sustainable changes
in his own life.

Rodman is a fiscally conservative businessman, who is on a socially
responsible quest to reduce his own current carbon footprint. From raising
chickens and goats in the city, to making the switch to renewable energy
resources, host Rodman learns how to make the ultimate conversion from his
current urban business lifestyle, to an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Experience the internal conflict and humor that ensues, as the worlds of
the extreme green and conservative city slicker collide. Urban Conversion
is about educating Rodman, and ultimately educating urbanites about making
small changes that can significantly reduce their negative environmental

Travel across the country with us as we seek out the extremes of going

*Season 1 |* Urban Conversion celebrates the release of its
inaugural season this spring on PBS and the Create Channel.
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