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> Only a privileged fraction of humanity has access to organic (or better)
> food grown in healthy soil. For the folks in urban food deserts, the choice
> is not between organic and aquaponic. There is no choice. There are no
> CSAs. There are no farms. The choice is between Walmart’s industrial
> commodity “food" and fast food. And many of the people in those food
> deserts are faced with choices like medicine for a sick child versus buying
> any food at all. Organic is utterly out of the

In the news tonight healthcare costs are predicted to rise significantly
starting in 2016. When I spent 4 days in ER/room for exacerbated asthma
attack and pneumonia it cost a little over $4000;
that was over a decade ago. Someone mentioned that nowadays that would be
no less than $140,000. County health departments and dental clinics,
working alongside county/state/federal welfare/social services are
providing access to healthcare services for low income people. Their
services will be increasingly needed as each year passes. That's why we
always vote Democrat isn't it? :-) For sure.

> question, if it’s even available. So when an amazing place like the
> GrowHaus comes along with its aquaponics and jobs programs and free classes
> to raise food awareness and help desperately poor people gain a couple of
> options for their lives, telling them that aquaponic food isn’t cosmically
> pure or natural shows how disconnected we are from the issues that those
> people face. We’re incredibly lucky to even know what healthy food is; most
> people don’t.

NEWS RELEASE:  June 3, 2015


Lincoln, Nebraska - Journalist Steven McFadden has announced publication of
a new book,
"Awakening Community Intelligence: CSA Farms as 21st Century Cornerstones."

Over the last three decades many thousands of people in all parts of the
world have come to
recognize in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) a vehicle for
approaching land, food,
labor, environment, and community in a healthier way. According to the
USDA, as many as
12,000 new CSA farms have been established in the USA since 1986, directly
linking people
with the farmers who grow their food. Many thousands more CSA farms have
taken root
around the world.

Now – in an era with increasing shadows of environmental catastrophe – it’s
time to expand
exponentially the CSA vision and reality. The opportunity is before us to
establish hundreds of
thousands of CSA farms in nations around the world, and to thereby employ a
egalitarian model to address the radically changing circumstances in our
climate, economics, and social relationships.

"Awakening Community Intelligence" lays out the vision, and sounds a call
to action.

You can learn more at this link: http://chiron-communications.com/?p=2115

McFadden has been writing about CSA since its inception in the USA in the
late 1980s. The
author of 15 nonfiction titles, he is co-author of the first books on CSA:
Farms of Tomorrow
(1990) and Farms of Tomorrow Revisited (1998). His other books include The
Call of the Land,
Profiles in Wisdom, Classical Considerations, and an epic nonfiction saga
of contemporary
America, Odyssey of the 8th Fire.

Chiron Communications
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