[permaculture] Fwd: [compost_tea]

Georg Parlow g.parlow at gmx.at
Wed Jun 3 05:06:37 EDT 2015

> To clear the confusion you
> have generated on my behalf, I do not use any tobacco, alcohol or
> recreational drugs whatsoever or any more meds than I need for my asthma or
> winter colds, sprains or toothaches. I am beyond radically opposed to the
> use of those first three things itemized
> and promote that mindset whenever and wherever I feel it is needed, like
> now.

Ok Lawrence, please accept my apologies for the unqualified hint toward drugs. I guess it was just a weird way of expessing my desire for less impulsiveness on this (or any!) list - where a good deal of this implulsivness seems to come from your end. And it is certainly way less than the good things coming from you, do doubt about this.

> What about you?

I do not use drugs legal or illegal, if this is what you are asking. I might go for an aspirin a few times a year - but this might change as my body grows more feeble over the coming years...

> If I can survive your heavy post I am sure Steve can survive mine.

I am sure you can, hehe. I guess it might do me good to implement more of my advice myself and administer more impulse control ;)

> In fact
> I think he and I are tougher than all the detractors and coupmongers who
> have erupted in this list over the years rolled into one.

Glad you are.


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