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On Tue, Jun 2, 2015 at 4:20 AM, Georg Parlow <g.parlow at gmx.at> wrote:

> I personally do not agree of esoteric floaty woaty energystuff, but I try
> to live by something that is expressed in the famous quote "i dispise your
> opinion, but I would give my life for you to be able to express it."

When I consider the thousands of unpaid and minimally paid hours I have
spent since the late eighties creating and stewarding this and a few other
key lists I tend to ignore posts such as yours. To clear the confusion you
have generated on my behalf, I do not use any tobacco, alcohol or
recreational drugs whatsoever or any more meds than I need for my asthma or
winter colds, sprains or toothaches. I am beyond radically opposed to the
use of those first three things itemized
and promote that mindset whenever and wherever I feel it is needed, like
What about you?
If I can survive your heavy post I am sure Steve can survive mine. In fact
I think he and I are tougher than all the detractors and coupmongers who
have erupted in this list over the years rolled into one.
I always regret criticizing the far out esoteric posts for ignoring the
need for critical work on the ground, nuts and bolts issues, getting things
constructed and prepared, designing, building and using permaculture
systems. I too think a lot about garden divas, spirits of the fields and
Earth connection with undefined energy sources, the stuff of life recycled
and regenerated emanating from the infinite void, things we sense and know
are important. Scott's reading list is a good place to start finding out
more, making discoveries, experiencing revelations, gaining knowledge and
applying it.
Helping out upgrading communities in food deserts by establishing new and
proven ways to grow food should consider the use of a wide range of
agricultural options, aquaponics and hydroponics included. To tell folks
they can;t use aquaponics because it is not natural or permacultural enough
is as a pig farmer I knew once said "backing up". He couldn;t makea go of
his operation because he was selling into the mainstream market. If he had
gone with natural production and sought out a few good local customers he
would have made a real success of his business. Maybe he would have
discovered black soldier fly larvae to recycle the manure with the rest
processed by duckweed in a lagoon, to also be harvested and recycled as
livestock food. Unlimited possibilities.

Lawrence F. London
lfljvenaura at gmail.com
Ello: @ecoponderosa <https://ello.co/ecoponderosa>

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