[permaculture] American Permaculture Association Standards Board?

Jason Gerhardt jasongerhardt at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 00:45:06 EDT 2015

> Also, I think a certain amount of watchdogging is important. Scott Pittman
has been a great watchdog over the years. He spends valuable amounts of his
time on that actually. It works too.

Another strategy for community cohesion is local permaculture practitioner
guilds. I got to watch Adam Brock along with several of our students create
the Denver Permaculture Guild. It's amazing to see the amount of progress
they've made in only a couple years, hosting big name speakers, constantly
having something going on, building a network to offer classes to, etc.
They did well to design the financial component of it, which is what keeps
things going.

These social strategies are so important! And I agree with Koreen's
excellent comment about getting out of our homesteads more. I'll add
getting off the internet too. ;-)


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