[permaculture] American Permaculture Association Standards Board?

loren luyendyk loren at sborganics.com
Fri Jul 10 17:45:05 EDT 2015

I like the analogy Jason.  You can take a PDC at the equivalent of the YMCA (like this outfit) or go to the ashram at the PC Institute.

One thing he has threatened to do was to try and own the name permaculture so that he could sue everyone for using the word.  I am not sure the legal status/possibility of this happening and it really doesn't matter because I would continue doing the work I do regardless of the branding.  He is just trying to get rich off of the LOHA demographic.

Loren Luyendyk
Accredited Permaculture Teacher, PRI-AUS
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> My take on this situation is the problem is the solution. The course Scott
> and I just ended had two people in it that, in their own words, "got ripped
> off" by he who shall not be named. Ultimately, these groups that cast a big
> net on the internet are just drumming up interest for permaculture. Some
> who encounter them will be happy to stay in the shallow end of the pool
> growing zucchini's from their ears or whatever new "permaculture" technique
> is all the rage. And, some will see something deeper past the breakers, and
> ever curious, may swim out to see what it's like. I try to serve those
> craving the depths. You may have to swim to get to me, but no risk no
> reward. These big internet presences are just funneling more people into
> the depths.
> You could look at something like yoga for a parallel. Every ymca and rec
> center has yoga classes, but you can be sure they aren't reciting the
> upanishads and whatever else it is that real yogis do. Inevitably some
> percentage of people who get exposed to yoga that way decide to crave the
> depths and find a teacher that can offer them that. The same is true with
> permaculture.
> Jason
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