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Yeah..its yet another valuable subject to explore. The easiest way to
understand the capacity in waste water is to change the language. In fact
it is not waste at all. Sewage from human excreter is when mixed with water
through a water flushing system  95-99% water. It is in fact nutrient rich
water.  So that observation immediately changes the dynamic. However the
dangers need to be handled appropriately. Pathogens, Toxins, Heavy Metals,
Faecal Coliforms, PCBs and Dioxins are the primary elements that need to be
recognised and consumed.

One of the phenomenal keys of the pyramid treatment was the energy fields
drawn into the system and utilised in the bioremediation processes. The
Romanian pyramids designed and built by the Godeanus were identical to the
mm and degrees and magnetic alignment of Cheops/Khufu.They are antennae to
draw in cosmic electromagnetic energies and other energy fields. These
fields were researched and explored by the Godeanu faculties and the
Romanian military and experimented with. The results the Godeanus proved
were quite astounding. The key factors in bioremediation was that these
energy fields increased the metabolic capacities of the plants and all
biologies by 160%. The results of this were beyond belief. They even
measured the strength of the concrete poured in the facility and showed
also a considerable increase in strength of any piece of concrete.

So if ya know anyone who wants to build a private sewage facility and gain
considerable efficiency and considerable cost savings, let me know and
we'll prove it, over again. The largest one built in Romania in Pitesti was
25m square base the smallest was 8m sq base. So any size is easy enough
depending on what quantity of water is needed to run. Pitesti as previously
mentioned served a population of 120,000 with a foot print of 25x25m six
stories high....amazing shit.

Believe it or not there was another pyramid built for waste water treatment
in Denmark city of Kolding but the designer, an architect landscape
architect whom I met with knew nothing of the energy capacities of the
Cheops pyramid and did not build this with such in mind. Unbelievable..cest
la viz..Wonder if Art Ludwig  (http://oasisdesign.net/) is into pyramids
yet ? ...Steve Hart

On 8 July 2015 at 10:28, Georg Parlow <g.parlow at gmx.at> wrote:

> Thx a lot, Steve! Way cool!
> > Am 07.07.2015 um 21:44 schrieb Steve Hart <stevenlawrencehart at gmail.com
> >:
> >
> > Georg et al..some photos attached of the Romanian Pyramid.
> > 1. The pyramid I visited in Pitesti. A sq base of 25 m. Serviced 120,000
> > people plus an maner of heavy industry.
> > 2. Meeting with Stoica and Marioara.
> > 3. Marioara holding one of the preferred three plants used in the
> > hydroponic system of treatment within the pyramid. Water Lettuce ( https
> > ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pistia ). The other two plants that performed
> best
> > in treating sewage are of course water hyacinth and lemna
> > 4. A shot inside the pyramid showing the plant troughs which meander
> around
> > the floors.
> >
> > The raw sewage is pumped to the station via methane fueled pumps. A
> simple
> > tumbling stainless steel sieve takes out solids like false teeth and
> rolex
> > watches and the odd foetus. These solids go to a worm farm. The waters go
> > into the basement of the pyramid where methane is extracted. It is pumped
> > to a header tank on the six top level and falls by gravity into 600x600mm
> > troughs meandering over the next 4 floors filled with Lemna, Water
> Lettuce
> > and Water Hyacinth.
> >
> > The research that was conducted through this whole period was quite
> > astounding with amazing results. Off course much work was done also on
> the
> > power of pyramid science, including curing cancer...Steve Hart
> >
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