[permaculture] American Permaculture Association Standards Board?

christopher nesbitt christopher.nesbitt at mmrfbz.org
Thu Jul 9 22:34:57 EDT 2015

This is what the "American Permaculture Association Standards Board" is.

I am sharing this in the spirit of openness and transparency, which I 
hope Vlad will understand. I am not adding anithing to this other than 
what transpired. There were several others who got the same treatment, 
who may chose to discuss this, or not.

A few years ago, I was asked to sign a letter stating that I did not 
recognize certificates issued by VD and his organization. I got this 
March 1st. I took down my statement, and the others did, too, but not 
before a lot of discussion. I have been asked by a few people what 
happened to the document I signed.

I got an unwelcome email into my on March 1st, with a reference to an ad 
posted on google ads search for the name "Maya Mountain Research Farm", 
which stated that PDC certificates from my small NGO, Maya Mountain 
Research Farm, are not valid.  I am sharing it here. I found this is on 
a page for"the North American Permaculture Standards Board^(TM)" which 
is an entity that seems only to exist to challenge those who question 
the validity of his "free PDC".

Email blow:

March 1st, 2015
Name: Vladislav Davidzon
Email: vladislav at davidzon.com <mailto:vladislav at davidzon.com>
Message: Please be advised that the North American Permaculture 
Standards Board^(TM) has issued a Consumer Warning Statement regarding 
Christopher Nesbitt and the Maya Mountain Research Farm, and we are 
launching a paid marketing campaign to promote this statement to your 
consumers through Google, Facebook and other marketing avenues which you 

Please review the following two links to understand the current scope of 
actions taken against you:

To be clear, we are going to spend money to ensure that our warning 
statement consistently appears in Google when people search for your 
brand;  we will also actively seek to target your own Facebook fans with 
the same message.  As you can see from the screenshot linked above which 
was taken earlier today, our warning statement now appears above your 
own website in Google.  We will very easily outspend you and ensure that 
any consumer seeking information about your organization is exposed to 
this warning notice.

Please advise me if you wish to take down your own warning statement and 
amicably settle this matter by agreeing to mutual recognition and 
peaceful co-existence.  Be advised that in order to settle this matter 
you will also need to convince the other parties who have signed onto 
the statement you published to also take down their statements.  We are 
prepared to wait one week, until March 7, 2015, before escalating this 
campaign further - at which time we will aggressively target your own 
Facebook fans and distribute this statement to every known 
permaculture-related mailing list on Yahoogroups and other places.  We 
are certain you will not enjoy the immediate and dramatically negative 
impact an escalation will bring.

Please get in touch with us no later than end of day on March 7, 2015 or 
we will very aggressively escalate our promotion of this Consumer 
Warning Statement.  We would certainly prefer to amicably settle this.
The text of the warning was:
"CONSUMER WARNING: Statement of Non-Recognition Regarding MAYA MOUNTAIN 
Due to what in our opinion amounts to profoundly unethical business 
North American Permaculture Standards Board^(TM) will not recognize any 
Permaculture Design Certificates issued by these parties.

We advise the public to seek training from another provider that engages 
in ethical business practices. Be aware that should you choose to 
purchase certification from the above-named parties, your certificate 
will NOT be recognized and thus may NOT be legitimate.

This statement constitutes the opinion of The North American 
Permaculture Standards Board^(TM) and is not intended to be a statement 
of fact or any factual claim against any party. We believe that we must 
act decisively to preserve the integrity of the marketplace and to 
protect the consumer against abusive and/or fraudulent business 
practices, thus advancing and protecting the field of permaculture."

So this is why I withdrew my participation

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> Vlad. By himself. No "board". Just Vlad.
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> Do we know who these people are?
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> No names, no address, nothing but a contact form.
> Who-is lists this for the ownership which tells us nothing --
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