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> Here is one for you, purifying wastewater and generating electricity at
> the same time in the same place:
> “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi, Romania
> http://omicron.ch.tuiasi.ro/EEMJ/pdfs/vol13/no10/Full/11_667_Camacho_14.pdf

Bioelectrochemical wastewater treatment has recently appeared as a
promising technology (Logan
et al., 2006; Rozendal et al., 2008) which uses organic waste materials to
produce electricity
according to the fundamentals of Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC), or to obtain
valuable products, such as
H2, according to the fundamentals of Microbial Electrolysis cells (MEC).
Both MFC and MEC use
electrochemically active microorganisms that are capable of oxidising
organic matter to generate
electrons, protons, and other metabolic products. The organic matter is
oxidized by microorganisms under
anaerobic conditions, and they produce extracellular electron transfer to
an electrode (anode) while they
are removing the organic pollutants in wastewater. Via an electrical
circuit, the electrons are transported
to a cathode compartment, where they combine with protons and with oxygen
to produce water on a
cathode surface. Protons diffuse from the anodic compartment through a
membrane. As a result of this
electrical connection and the difference in redox potentials, the electrode
reactions can occur, and the
electrons can flow from the anode to the cathode, allowing electrical
current to flow. When de Gibbs
free energy change of the overall reaction is negative, electrical energy
is produced and the system works as
MFC. On the contrary, energy supply is needed and the system works as MEC.

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