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> > story) to build 8 wetland installations to purify water. They were all in
> > glass cased pyramids. Now then, pyramid science is yet another lengthy
> > subject. They researched it understood it and used it to great effect
> > producing the highest quality water in any waste water treatment plant in
> > the world by a very wide margin.
> Could you please tell me details of this? Where are they? I have a friend
> who frequently goes to Romania, and I will ask him to check this out for
> me, take pictures etc if possible.

I just did a Google search on "constructed wetlands in Romania" and it
returned a mother lode of very fine material, one of the most productive
searches I have doe with Google, a real treasure trove. Apparently there is
a considerable amount of activity in Romania and Bulgaria in wetlands
research, experimentation and development of test and fully functional
working sites, an international center fo that kind of R&D.
Here are links, text and pix:
2nd International Conference "Water resources and wetlands"
September 11-13, 2014 Tulcea (Romania)

WWF - Abbotsford wetlands <http://wwf.panda.org/?204333/Abbotsford-wetlands>
wwf.panda.org <http://wwf.panda.org/?204333/Abbotsford-wetlands>304 × 192
by image
Boosting biodiversity with constructed wetland

Access Water Progress in Natural Treatment Systems
870 × 516
by image
Progress in Natural Treatment Systems Technology Showcased in Shanghai

*"Tisza - Tisa" - projectCapacity building in extensive wastewater
treatment - Tools for improving water quality in the Middle and lower Tisza
The main aim of this project is capacity building among Hungarian and
Romanian experts and officials in relation to extensive wastewater
treatment based on the use of constructed wetlands. This project wants to
show in a practical way how water treatment systems with plants can be used
to treat wastewater and run-off, regarding procedures and practical
aspects. Special focus is the process towards best practices for local and
regional implementation.

Timisoara, Romania, May 2010

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