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[I am copying and posting this entire page because it contains many links
you might want to follow. I hope this is OK with Dan and that it brings him
more students.
This kind of heresy from HortIdeas is unacceptable: A Response to HortIdeas
editors <http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/hortideas.pdf> (
http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/hortideas.pdf). The publication
HortIdeas <http://users.mikrotec.com/%7Egwill/hi-index.htm> recently
carried an article that was somewhat critical of the permaculture movement.
This is Dan Hemenway's response. March 2012 - LL]
Barking Frogs Permaculture
*Online Permaculture Design Course*
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*Solutions through permaculture design.*

Permaculture design brings our lives back into participation with the

Permaculturists and other environmentalists warn of global destruction
we learn to live with the Earth rather than continuing to prey upon her.
Permaculture trusts that the Earth shows us solutions to halt the
destruction of the biosphere
while sustaining ourselves in wholesome and fulfilling ways.

*Jan 31 - Feb 2 2014 Florida Workshop:  *Dan Hemenway presents a weekend
permaculture workshop in Florida.

*New May 18, 2013:  *Pamphlet 4 of the free public domain Permaculture
pamphlets, translated into Spanish.
* Permacultura en Islas Bajas.
<http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/panfleto4.pdf> *

*New April 10, 2013:  Barking Frogs Permaculture Hat Now Available!
*New March 6, 2013: * 2013 Annual Letter

The Elfin Permaculture 17th annual Permaculture Design Course Online begins
March 23, 2014.
The six-month course involves weekly readings, at least four student
reports, and discussions of current topics online.
For complete information, please download our Course Preregistration
Package from
<http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/preregistration.pdf>  This will be
the last formal cycle of the Online PDC.

*LAND FOR SALE* <http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/land.pdf>  Dan and
Cynthia Hemenway have some land for sale in Massachusetts that would be
for a permaculture project. Map of the Land.

New July 2012:  Patiofarming in the Tropics and Subtropics
<http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/patiofarming.htm> -- 2nd Edition
Now Available.  Yankee Permaculture recently completed editing the 2nd
Edition of Dr. Franklin Martin’s Patiofarming in the Tropics and
Subtropics. In this publication, Dr. Martin presents his approach to family
food production around the home, specifically in warm climates. New in the
2nd Edition: For the first time, we offer this publication in a digital
form on CD. The 2nd edition includes dozens of notes and sidebars by
permaculturist Dan Hemenway, greatly expanding the value of Martin’s
excellent work.

A Response to HortIdeas editors
<http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/hortideas.pdf>.  The publication
HortIdeas <http://users.mikrotec.com/%7Egwill/hi-index.htm> recently
carried an article that was somewhat critical
of the permaculture movement. This is Dan Hemenway's response. March 2012

What is Permaculture?
<http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/whatispermaculture.pdf> Article by
Dan Hemenway
 *Online Permaculture Design Course*
<http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/onlinepdc.htm>, the 15th cycle
started January 22nd, 2012! Check out the $250 monitor special,
which gets you a copy of the course CD with the weekly course documents and
presentations plus the right to read/listen in
on the course student discussion, and participate (posting and reading) in
the study groups. You can access the material for this
cycle that you have missed thus far via the course archive.

*The International Permaculture Solutions Journal, Vol. 2*
<http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/tips2.pdf>*, now available. *The
theme is “patterning for permaculture design.”

*New December 2011: **Pamphlet 3 of the free public domain Permaculture
pamphlets, translated into Spanish -- **Permacultura En Zonas Áridas.*
* Pamphlet 1 is available in Panfleto 1
<http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/spanishpanfleto1.pdf>.   *These
are based on transcriptions of a PDC given by Bill Mollison in the early
1980s. They are linked on
the *Publications*
<http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/publications.htm> page.  Portuguese
translation by Cássio P. Octaviani. Spanish translation by Antonio Scotti.

English version: *Free Public Domain Permaculture Pamphlets *

*Plants for Use in Permaculture in the Tropics* – *2**nd*
*Edition *

This edition adds some photographs, tables reformatted for easier use, an
enlarged and updated Index (nearly 500 entries),
and a revised and updated Appendix of contact organizations.

The sixty-four-page publication features Dr. Franklin Martin’s original 27
tables evaluating the multiple uses of plants in various categories,
and his 64 profiles of individual plant species. Yankee Permaculture has
added appendices of organizations and suppliers and the index.

The new CD-only edition costs $25. Postage, handling, and related fees are
extra: see the *Yankee Permaculture Order Form*
<http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/orderform.pdf> for details. *2nd
edition cover and table of contents*

*Living Lovingly on the Earth*
<http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/livinglovingly.pdf>, an article by
Dan Hemenway giving an overview of the design process of permaculture.

*News* <http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/news.htm> from Dan and
Cynthia Hemenway and Barking Frogs Permaculture.
This link has a description of the property. | *Pictures *
<http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/landpictures.htm>of the
Williamsburg, Massachusetts land for sale!

 *Kudzu Utilization Project*
<http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/kudzu.pdf>, a report on the
application of permaculture principles to kudzu, and its potential for
economic and agricultural beneficial uses.

*Permaculture Information Net *
<http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/pin.htm>- The Permaculture
Information Net is a new feature of this web site intended to encourage
visitors to contribute to the
information available to the permaculture community. We are not soliciting
opinions. Rather, we are encouraging people to share documented facts.

You may also share your perplexities. You are invited to submit them to us
for consideration for posting on this site. These should be questions not
answerable by commonly available publications, related to permaculture
design, and of general application. For example, do not submit a question
such as
How do I figure the right amount of ventilation for a solar greenhouse. The
answer is more or less common knowledge.

Contributors who submit documented facts will receive a copy of all the
replies that we regard as useful. If we resolve a question, the material
will also be used
in an article in our journal and/or as supplemental data on our web page.
We will post relevant replies on this site, as well, with credit. I reserve
the right to edit them.
At some point, we will expand the acceptable topics to design strategies as
well as facts. For Mother Earth, Dan Hemenway

*Permaculture Training*
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Permaculture <http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/articles.htm>

<http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/halfprice.pdf> – journals with
some cosmetic stains and other superficial defects, available while they

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69, Sparr, Florida USA 32192

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