[permaculture] Welcome to permagriculture, a subverse about Permaculture. | permagriculture

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Mon Jul 6 22:47:38 EDT 2015

Welcome to permagriculture, a subverse about Permaculture. | permagriculture
The permaculture subverse was already taken so I decided to go ahead and
create an alternate one so as to broaden the perspective and knowledgebase
available to subscribers.
I run another permaculture forum, a mailing list located here:
-- portal to an expanding global network of landtech pioneers --
Permaculture is a design system which aims to create sustainable human
habitats by following nature's patterns; designing ecological land use
systems with integrated elements for synergy, sustainability, regeneration
and enhanced nature-compatible human habitat
Definitions of Permaculture
Fukuoka san's comment in an interview where Fukuoka san, Bill Mollison and
Wes Jackson were present: "The confusion started when humans ate the Fruit
of Knowledge. Adam and Eve were thrown away from the Garden of Eden. The
only way to get back is to throw away the knowledge! Just become foolish
like a bird or baby."
- ecoponderosa

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