[permaculture] The virtues of an email based discussion or mailing list social media - comments on contributors leaving Reddit for VOAT.co (Switzerland) in droves.

Lawrence London lfljvenaura at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 20:46:45 EDT 2015

Kudos and feather in cap for ibiblio and their visionary Internet library

Meredith L. Patterson: "On Port 80
More on the Reddit brouteehee
<https://ello.co/dredmorbius/post/GiUD91yAsTisI2VfB5tPlA> from the
seldom-seen (but much missed) @mlp <https://ello.co/mlp>:
"Reddit isn’t just Usenet on port 80, it’s Usenet with a reputation system
on port 80. If it’s important to users to be able to send private messages,
upvote or downvote posts, or accumulate karma, users will gravitate toward
services that provide those capabilities, and perhaps try out but
ultimately leave services that don’t."
I'd caution though that Reddit's capabilities here are quite creaky: its
content moderation system, while useful, has many failings (I've discussed
those at length
Reputation, messaging, moderation tools, an notifications ... while
present, are cumbersome -- other than the most recent content, finding and
managing archives is difficult to the point of impossible. Yes, the Browser
as Universal Interface has merits, especially in a world where, as
Patterson notes, virtually all traffic must be challenged through ports 80
or 443 (unencrypted and encrypted Web traffic).
----------------->>>>>>> "But sometimes the best tool for reading,
managing, and replying to messages is an Email client.Or for updates, a
feed reader."<<<<<--------------------
ibiblio, the host for this permaculture mailing list, provides an email
feed and web browsing of message archives for our forum.
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