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> Subject: [ECOLOG-L] Free Webinar: Using Biochar as a Tool for Restoration!
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> Biochar and Applications for Restoration in the Uinta Basin
> Date: Tuesday July 28, 2015
> Time: 12 pm – 1 pm MST
> Speakers: Chris Peltz, Soil Scientist and Darren McAvoy, USU Forestry Extension Associate
> Biochar is a porous, charcoal-like product that is the result of pyrolysis (cooking) of materials containing carbon such as wood, crop residues, solid waste, livestock manure and other organic material. Biochar has a variety of unique properties that make it an excellent candidate for aiding in the reclamation of abandoned oil and gas pad sites in the Uinta Basin. Soil scientist Chris Peltz will describe an ongoing study looking at biochar and its ability to enhance native vegetation germination and reduce erosion on previously abandoned oil and gas pads in the Uinta Basin where energy development is ongoing. USU Forestry Associate Darren McAvoy will describe other biochar studies sponsored by the Utah Biomass Resources Group and offer a broad perspective on the biochar market in Utah and beyond. Click here to learn more: https://forestry.usu.edu/htm/video/Webinars/ (NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED)
> This webinar is good for 1 CEU from the following organizations:
> International Society of Arboriculture 
> Society of American Foresters

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