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The Radix Ecological Sustainability Center
community-based sustainable solutions
RUST – The Regenerative Urban Sustainability Training
-an intensive weekend workshop of skills for building ecologically
resilient communities in today’s cities.

*Typical topics & hands-on demonstrations*

   - *Aquaponics: fish &plant integration*
   - *Microlivestock: chickens and rabbits *
   - *Waste to soil: composting food wastes with worms and microbes*
   - *Rainwater harvesting, greywater filtration, and urban hydrology*
   - *Low-intensity bioremediation: cleaning contaminated soils using
   plants, fungi and bacteria for brownfield re**stora**tion *
   - *Edible mushroom cultivation*
   - *Beekeeping, black soldier flies, and silkworms*
   - *Microgreens production, spirulina, and perennial food systems*
   - *Bioshelters, greenhouses, and season extension techniques*
   - *Kitchen culture: apartment-scale sustainability*
   - *Reconciliation ecology: promoting biodiversity in the city*
   - *Autonomous energy: veggie oil vehicles, methane digesters, and
   bicycle electric generators*
   - *Ecoliteracy and youth education*
   - *Ecological micro-economies*

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