[permaculture] A Geat initiative worthy of support

Steve Hart stevenlawrencehart at gmail.com
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Hi'yall..here is a project out of Europe worth supporting wherever, however
you can..Thanks..Steve Hart

On 27 Dec 2014 14:29, "Alessandro Ardovini" <alexardov at gmail.com> wrote:
>> How's life? I'm in Italy at the moment, organizing permaculture tasters
>> and Introductions to permaculture while I'm here.
>> ​ ​
>> I told the guys about a documentary we want to make with an Italian
>> friend of mine and I already spoke various times to you about this project.
>> The name of the documentary will be Green on Grey. Here
>> <https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_Tz8f3WgoubTVowaHJvTzNtTlk/view> you
>> can see the longer version of the promo we want to send all over the world.
>> The second half of the promo doesn't have subtitles, because we want to
>> change it. You'll realize that the images are all from the Mediterranean
>> (Italy, Spain), but we would like it to be more international. *I was
>> wondering if you could send some videos and also, ask some of your contacts
>> in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Oceania to do the same*.
>> The videos can be sent to my friend Paolo pagnunka at gmail.com
>> <pagnunk at gmail.com>. He is in CC as well. Also, you can ask him all the
>> questions you want regarding this project.
>> People will have to shoot the videos for the movie on March 21st so we
>> think that we'll need to have promo ready for January 15th, in order to
>> post it all around.
>> Another good thing to do would be to link the Green on Grey project to
>> the webpages you manage and we could do the same for your pages on the
>> website.
>> Also, once the promo is ready, there is gonna be a website too and we
>> were thinking to make it interactive. There would be a blog-like area with
>> different places where people could share their experience. We were
>> thinking about the following areas:
>>    - urban permaculture
>>    - rural permaculture
>>    - permaculture for a living
>>    - permacultur as a "hobby" —besides your job
>>    - how to...
>>    - my experiences (your story)
>>    - news
>> It would be very nice if you could take responsibility for one of those
>> areas, or propose a different one and facilitate that.
>> Thanks a lot!
>> Alessandro

Kia ora

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