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[Primitivism Course] General Information : Primitivism

Primitivism in the Ecology Movement

[Primitivism Course] General Information
(self.Primitivism <http://www.reddit.com/r/Primitivism/>)

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This is a general information thread for the UReddit course, "Primitivism
in the Ecology Movement <http://ureddit.com/class/121052/primitivism-101>."
Any questions you have about the course in general should be asked here.

This course is intended to be a general introduction to a tendency in the
ecology movement known as 'primitivism' — or the tendency to value
hunter/gatherer life and wilderness, especially over modern industry.

Note: This is not an introduction to any specific movements exemplifying
primitivist tendencies (like anarcho-primitivism), although it will cover
these movements where applicable.

Your main instructor will be John Jacobi, the assistant editor of the
primitivist magazine, FC Journal <http://thejournal.link>, and a member of
the Freedom Club <http://uncfc.org> student group.

At the end of each course session you will be given a date and time for the
next. You will also receive email updates before each session. Roughly one
week will separate sessions on the same topic, and roughly two weeks will
separate topics themselves.

There will be five topics:

   1. What is primitivism?
   2. What is wildness?
   3. What is domestication?
   4. What is cultural materialism?
   5. What is the technology problem?

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if you would like to receive a notification before each session.

The first few sessions are set at the following dates (view the Google

   1. 2/1/2015 (*Topic 1, Session 1: What is Primitivism*)
   2. 2/8/2015 (*Topic 1, Session 2: The Basic Ideas*)
   3. 2/22/2015 (*Topic 2, Session 1: [Discussion Session] What is


For more information, view the announcement
on the email list.


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