[permaculture] Return to peasant sovereignty.

Lawrence London lfljvenaura at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 05:14:15 EDT 2015

Reality I
Return of large scale combined production of food by networks of peasants
selling individually and through cooperatives, locally and regionally,
could become reality if individual countries and globally acting
organizations would seek to ensure them continued access to prime farmland
and supply them with the materials and equipment they need at favorable
prices. They should also seek to create agricultural zones where land is
preserved and maintained in pristine condition and all farming operations
are carried out using natural methods and materials and permaculture.
Reality II
Who could and would make this happen?
Who might try to stop this beautiful plan?

Other considerations:
The global permaculture movement in its entirety should adopt this goal,
define it in detail, document it and include it in all educational
activities and as program material at all gatherings, local and

Cuba would be a great testbed for this since relations with the USA have

Peasant farming and peasant sovereignty in Eastern European countries would
also be worth pursuing and restoring since
this mode of food production has been used for centuries.

Comments Steve?
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