[permaculture] Permaculture wiki update

Chris Watkins chriswaterguy at appropedia.org
Mon Nov 24 18:37:42 EST 2014

Update on permaculture.info and Appropedia.org.

TL;DR: we tried to merge permaculture.info into Appropedia.org, but it was
impossible. However, we can recover some of the pages from archive.org, and
help with this is appreciated.

Many moons ago we agreed to import the old permaculture.info wiki into
Appropedia.org (the sustainability wiki). That turned out to be difficult,
as the database was corrupted.

Here is the final update, and it's not what we hoped: after spending a
bunch of time, including having two developers examine it, the
permaculture.info database is unrecoverable, and there were no backup files.

The silver lining: it looks like there are some pages preserved on
archive.org. With a small coordinated effort we can import all of those to
Appropedia. (When we do, I suggest using an edit summary of "from
permaculture.info" to acknowledge the good work that went before.)

We actually figured this out in August, but I've been busy and didn't
relish passing on the news. But I've also been encouraged recently seeing
how much activity there is a Appropedia, with people working on
sustainability, permaculture and appropriate technology know-how. It'll be
nice to add the old permaculture.info pages, as far as we're able.

Final note: Appropedia has regular backups made, so we should be pretty
safe. (We're also supposed to have a publicly available weekly backup of
all text, for extra resilience – right now we're working on getting that
happening again.)

Chris Watkins

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