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Czech Republic: Advanced Permaculture Design

Posted: 19 Nov 2014 02:30 AM PST

The Bohemian Permaculture Institute in association with and an affiliate to
The Permaculture College of Europe offers an *Advanced Permaculture Design

[image: 1k-0000]This course is offered as an intensive course to train
anyone in the skills of design through Permaculture. This is a seven day
live in course that explores many of the tools and skills and attributes
needed to allow a Permaulture Designer to offer successful and challenging
design solutions to any given subject.

The prerequisite for attendance to this course is a recognized Permaculture
Design course, PDC.

Permaculture Design goes beyond the garden and further than the farm. It
involves community, social enterprise, technology , legal and financial
systems, but most of all has a focus in food as the core element of
Permaculture. After all, it is Permanent Agriculture which we are evolving
to Permanent Cultures. This Design Course will work with a real project to
evolve a successful outcome. We will consider all the needs from the
clients, any authorities interests, research organisations and consider how
the many different elements of community will interact and benefit.

Permaculture Design has its focus clearly in identifying the principles of
Permaculture and showing how, if explored, will answer any design problem
to create solutions, turning any negative into a positive. Through this
course we will consider the many different ways and methods of design. We
will not concentrate on any one theory of design but explore all. We will
look at what different design tools and mediums can be used. How we need to
communicate effectively with the clients and all other parties that may
have an interest, effect or benefit. Summing this element up will be the
presentation styles of the finished design along with the follow up after
design and how to evolve it through to the next stage. We will begin, in
visioning then into conceptualizing and finally evolving a developed
design. We will consider what specific technical expertise may be needed to
help build any element of the design. Always we will refer to Permaculture

An option to this Design Course is a shorter and focused *Permaculture
Design Workshop* over a long weekend. Ideally starting on a Thursday
evening going through Friday Saturday and Sunday. Often as Permaculture
practitioners or graduates of Permaculture we would like support to assist
in realizing the many varied elements of any project from a design
standpoint. How do we go about it ? what are the first steps to take and
how do we build the entire design up.

This workshop is a very detailed and specific design exercise of a given
project. It could be a simple urban garden, a larger peri-urban estate a
new subdivision or a larger scale rural small farm or even a fully
commercial large scale farm. It could be a community enterprise. It could
be a building project, a recycling or energy project. It could be anything
to do with any aspect of society, water systems, supply and or evolving
waste water. It could also be the realization of where the entire subject
of Sustainability has impact and benefit into any activity, project or
development. What this means and how we can gain most out of it.

A Permaculture Design Diploma is awarded in ten different fields. All of
these have design as their central focus. These design courses and
workshops could consider any project to be involved in these design
exercises. Any scale or as obtuse as it may seem.

Course participants will gain a greater respect for the design procedures
of Permaculture and better equipped to design more successful Permaculture
solutions across many domains.

The course and workshop leaders are Steve Hart and Martina Petru.

[image: Steve photo]Steve Hart has 40 years experience in the design
industry moulding the disciplines of Architecture, Landscape Architecture
and Urban Design through Permaculture. Having a visionary approach mixed
with field practicality a grasp for the big picture and all the elements
that make up the whole. Originating from New Zealand Steve shares
experience from many differing projects of a wide scale through several
countries and many environments. He is a natural networker enjoying
connecting and communicating with all people to advance collective positive
outcomes. He is a designer passionate about organic solutions connecting
all layers of community actively pursuing professional and academic
excellence in Permaculture.

[image: MP]Dr. Martina Petru has developed a career in Design Ecology from
a background of plant biology and a PhD in plant communities and forest
ecologies. She founded the international NGO Ho Avy to further this work on
the ground, building sustainable community through family nurseries. In
combining the design philosophy of Permaculture Martina recognises the
values in designing sustainable communities through kitchen gardens food
forests and neighbourhoods. She is excited about combining all levels of
the community through food gardens either in the school yard or intensive
broad acre systems through the wild and wilderness. She shares the wealth
of her native rural Southern Bohemia Czech.

Steve and Martina are executives of The Global Permaculture Design Guild
www.permacultureglobaldesign.org and GAPPS the Global Alliance for
Permaculture Partnerships and Solutions www.permaculturepartnerships.com.
Both these entities need excellent designers and practitioners to work on
projects that will be in constant demand. An APDC will begin this journey.

Norway: Save School of Organic Agriculture

Posted: 19 Nov 2014 01:33 AM PST
  [image: IMG_9543]

Dear all,

I have the absurd job of leading a campaign that is trying to save the only
Norwegian school of organic agriculture. Absurd because Norway is one of
the richest countries in the world, and still the government doesn’t want
to pay the necessary costs for upgrading the school buildings (they have to
be upgraded to meet today’s standards – if not, the school will be shut
down by law). I am also a student at this wonderful school, and even though
they already have some permaculture implemented in the curriculum and on
site, I have planned together with the Norwegian permaculture association
of how we can make this school become the big permaculture arena of Norway
– or maybe even of the Nordic countries.

[image: IMG_7950]

The plan is that the PDC will become a mandatory part of the curriculum,
and that there will be additional PDCs during summer + advanced design
courses during summer and hopefully an EDE. Also, we are hoping to organize
Nordic meetings and festivals here – and why not an EuPC? There have
already been several meetings about this, and I see it as very likely that
permaculture will become an even much greater part of the school than it is

But first, the school needs to be rescued! I know most permies don’t have
an awful lot of money to spare, but I will ask you all to read this page to
learn more about the school (and watch the video to get to know it even
better) – and consider if you are able to contribute a bit. For now, the
campaign is mostly national, but we are considering an international
campaign from January/February, perhaps with hashtags like
#embarrasstherich or #isntitironic. Yeah, isn’t it ironic? We are building
lots of schools in other countries, while shutting down the most valuable
one we have at home! I’m not proud of being Norwegian at the moment …


 Please feel free to share the page / this email with your
permaculture/organic network!

 [image: 5]All the best,
Spira Svendsen



  Kampanjekoordinator for Redd økoskulen!
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