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Wow...Spira..what a job. All the power to you. It needs to be put out to a
wider audience and all audiences need to be invited in a positive way to
become friends of the school. We need to hear a lot more details to figure
out what inputs are needed.

I assume you have put it out to all you networks already ?

Is there a specific website set up and is there a log in and blog for on
going discussion ? Perhaps a fully detailed strategic plan is needed. Have
you created this yet ? Perhaps a collective brainstorm on skype could
assist. What is your strategic plan so far ? Are you steering this campaign
or part of a committee / collective / group ?

What's the full history ? Why has it come to this state ? Have you
considered amalgamating or setting up as a satellite or in collaboration ?

Look fwd to more lots more detailed information.

Steve Hart

On 12 November 2014 15:02, Spira Svendsen <spirasvendsen at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I have the absurd job of leading a campaign that is trying to save the
> only Norwegian organic school of agriculture. Absurd because Norway is one
> of the richest countries in the world, and still the government doesn't
> want to pay the necessary costs for upgrading the school buildings (they
> have to be upgraded to meet today's standards - if not, the school will be
> shut down by law). I am also a student at this wonderful school, and even
> though they already have some permaculture implemented in the curriculum
> and on site, I have planned together with the Norwegian permaculture
> association of how we can make this school become the big permaculture
> arena of Norway - or maybe even of the Nordic countries.
> The plan is that the PDC will become a mandatory part of the curriculum,
> and that there will be additional PDCs during summer + advanced design
> courses during summer and hopefully an EDE. Also, we are hoping to organize
> Nordic meetings and festivals here - and why not an EuPC? There have
> already been several meetings about this, and I see it as very likely that
> permaculture will become an even much greater part of the school than it is
> today.
> But first, the school needs to be rescued! I know most permies don't have
> an awful lot of money to spare, but I will ask you all to read this page to
> learn more about the school (and watch the video to get to know it even
> better) - and consider if you are able to contribute a bit. For now, the
> campaign is mostly national, but we are considering an international
> campaign from January/February, perhaps with hashtags like
> #embarrasstherich or #isntitironic. Yeah, isn't it ironic? We are building
> lots of schools in other countries, while shutting down the most valuable
> one we have at home! I'm not proud of being Norwegian at the moment ...
> http://www.vennsjh.com/call-for-organic-action/
> Please feel free to share the page / this email with your
> permaculture/organic network!
> All the best,
> Spira Svendsen
> #embarrassednorwegian
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Kia ora

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