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Sorry forgot to add author  of  "Bioeconoma* noua unire cu natura ", *it is
 Mihai E Serban,

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> Two of the Best Books
> I have come across on the subject of Applied Ecology and Ecological
> Economics. See attached cover photos. AE book " Ecologie Applicata" by
> Stoica Preda Godeanu. Editura Academiei Romane, who is truely a beyond
> nobel scientist as was his late wife Marioara. EE book "Bioeconoma* noua
> unire cu natura ",* is subject that seems to have been tooo difficult for
> anybody to be able to get their head around.
> It is the beginning of a new revolution which will see the development of
> the new global policy on economics from an ecological standpoint
> where consumerism and growth will quickly become words found in the annals
> of history.
> But, the books are in Romanian. So we are researching how we can get
> them translated and available electronically.
> Watch this space........Steve Hart

Kia ora

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