[permaculture] TONIGHT Evening Talk Fri Mar 2at the Ojai Foundation Warren Brush Permaculture Around the World

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Subject: [Southern California Permaculture] TONIGHT Evening Talk Fri Mar 21	at the Ojai Foundation Warren Brush Permaculture Around the World

TONIGHT Evening Talk at the Ojai Foundation
Friday, March 21, 2014 at 7:30pm
>From rural villages in Africa to the largest cities in the world, Permaculture is creating sustainable human settlements through the conscious application of pattern design. 
Warren will share a hopeful vision for our future that derives from his experiences and understandings gained from his lifelong work in sustainable settlement design, the mentoring of youth and adults, the learning from indigenous elders and cultures, working with child soldiers and distressed communities around Africa, and educating people around the world in how to live in a sustainable manner in a way that is both equitable, resilient and beautiful.

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