[permaculture] Impermanence & permaculture

Darrell E. Frey defrey at bioshelter.com
Mon Mar 3 00:06:38 EST 2014

Well, indeed change is the only constant. I have never thought  the 
permanent part of permanent culture meant a homgeneous and unchanging 
culture. Rather it is more in the spirit of the our relationship to our 
planet, to live in each bioregion, and relate to the entire planet from 
our bioregions, in a manner that  nurtures and regenerates the whole. 
Permanent as opposed an exploitive downward spiral, regenerative as 
opposed to degrading . A worthy goal to work towards it would seem. 

I would hope the seeds you planted in Mexico have taken root and will 
flourish. Best wishes

Darrell E. Frey
Three Sisters Farm
defrey at bioshelter.com

On Sun, 02 Mar 2014 21:47:37 -0600, Holger Hieronimi 
<holger at tierramor.org> wrote:
Hello all-
> saludos desde México
> I wonder how PC Activists respond to one of the most interesting 
> paradoxes in Permaculture, expressed in the very name. I ask you:
> How can we promote Permaculture, presented as a contraction of 
> "permanent culture" (originally permanent agriculture),
> knowing that in the universe there is one basic fact (maybe even 
> ???
> More importantly: Nothing is more impermanent than culture. We all 
> know that culture is subject of constant change & adaption to 
> changing circumstances
> I think, this is an interesting contradiction, best expressed in 
> David Holmgens 12th design principle: "Creatively use and respond to 
> change"
> Its not only that I`m involved somewhat in Zen practice... its a 
> constant experience all PC designers & practitioners have, working 
> with nature-
> Now, with the reality of climate change, and all the other political, 
> economic and cultural changes happening right now in the world we`re 
> living in-
> change is more up to date than never
> However, its also a recent experience I have made in our PermaCulture 
> project:
> For 12 years now, we have been developing a site in Michoacán/ 
> México with PC Principles (see documentation of our work, with fotos 
> and comentary - in spanish- : 
> http://www.tierramor.org/GranjaTierramor/granjatierramor.htm#linx). 
> Now it seems that we have to leave the site for political, economic & 
> security reasons: In thos very moment, our state is in the focus of 
> the drug war, mainly fuelled by US dollars & arms...difficult to do 
> courses or whatever in this environment-
> Allthough our site, better known as "Granja Tierramor" (together with 
> the whole project), has been, for years now , an important 
> demonstration and learning site for permaculture principles & 
> practices, it seems that we`ll have to leave the place soon. 
> Things have been changing rapidly here...too fast, it seems, for us 
> to respond creatively-
> Nothing is permanent!
> Not even permaculture.... 
> Maybe we should call it "ChangeCulture"?
> -- Holger Hieronimi -holger at tierramor.org
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