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*“Educational Structures” refers to:*

… capturing existing and emerging support structures in Permaculture
education and teachers’ training in the different European countries, such

   - Introductory courses and workshops
   - Basic permaculture courses
   - Diploma pathways
   - Advanced courses
   - Integral & comprehensive courses
   - Teachers’ register
   - Tutor & senior tutor register
   - Apprenticeships & internships

*The objectives of the Educational Structures group are:*

   - To share information about various national permaculture education
   systems and qualifications frameworks;
   - To establish a pan-European network of permaculture teachers and
   - To mutually support the national organisations to form networks to set
   up or improve their educational systems and structures;
   - To support in developing organisational structures and working
   practices for less well set-up countries.

In this section you will find:

   - Presentations of national educational structures;
   - Different pathways towards the diploma
   <http://permateachers.eu/tag/diploma-pathway/> in applied permaculture
   - Links towards global directories of projects, courses and people;
   - The results of a questionnaire with the number of courses organised in
   Europe in 2012
   - SWOC (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Constraints) analysis of
   educational structures in Europe;
   - [Coming Soon] A table with links towards European permaculture
   organisations, with information about diploma pathways, diploma holders,
   permaculture design courses, introduction courses and specialised courses;
   - A document with interactions between elements of educational
   structures that you can use and play with to improve your organisation;
   - The results of interviews made in May 2014
   <http://permateachers.eu/evolution-of-educational-structures/> in
   Denmark that show the evolution of national permaculture organisations.

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Quick Start Guide The About section <http://permateachers.eu/about/> gives
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activities <http://permateachers.eu/about/39-2/> of the partnership and the
countries involved. The Teacher's Manual
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EPT Partners

   - Aardwerk, Nederland <http://atelier.aardwerk.org>
   - Accademia Italiana di Permacultura, Italy <http://www.permacultura.it/>
   - Associacion Cambium Permacultura en Formacion, Spain
   - Cultivate, Ireland <http://www.cultivate.ie/>
   - Društvo za permakulturo Slovenije, Slovenia
   - Elävän Kulttuurin Koroinen-yhdistys, Finland <http://koroinen.org/>
   - Green School Village, Bulgaria <http://www.greenschoolvillage.org/>
   - l'Université Populaire de Permaculture, France
   - Latvian Permaculture Association, Latvia
   - Permaculture Association, Britain <http://www.permaculture.org.uk/>
   - Permaculture Association, Sweden <http://www.permakultur.se/>
   - Permakultur Danmark, Denmark <http://www.permakultur-danmark.dk/>
   - Permakultur Institut e.V., Germany <http://permakultur-akademie.de/>
   - Projecto Novas Descobertas, Portugal

European Permaculture

   - Chaordic Permaculture Institute
   - EUPC2012 <http://eupc2012.de>
   - Permaculture Council for Europe <http://permaculturecouncil.eu/>

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