[permaculture] Wild Transylvania: Beekeeping in Transylvania

Lawrence London lfljvenaura at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 23:32:47 EDT 2014

Wild Transylvania: Beekeeping in Transylvania

"What was my first experience of  beekeeping in Transylvania? Well I would
have to say my first exposure to beekeping started at the extreme end of
the industry with long portable beehive trailers. During the fair weather
seasons I regularly see them on my visits to the forests and  I have always
been impressed by how far they penetrate into the forests, dragging their
trailers along logging routes using tractors. They then set them up on
inter-forest meadows where they benefit from both meadow blooms as well as
flowers within the forest. The beekeepers usually stay with their hives as
this area has a high population of bears, and we all know how much bears
like honey. In fact beekeepers using smaller traditional hives regularly
use portable electric fences and dogs to protect their precious commodity,
as it is a constant and often irresistible temptation.to a bear with a
concentration of beehives on its doorstep."

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