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Koreen Brennan cory8570 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 4 19:29:49 EDT 2014

On July 19, we'll be giving a day long Intro to Permaculture Design class at a private 2 acre permaculture residence in Clearwater, for $50. Great value and great way to be introduced into the subject for those who would like to get a good taste of the design aspects. This will include hands on learning, and will be expressly geared toward urban residential property. You will walk away with specific tools to apply to your property in areas of food production, water catchment, energy savings, and more. The cost of this class can be credited to any future Permaculture Design Course by Grow Permaculture. 

Info at growpermaculture.com or 727-495-645 for more information - register at www.growpermaculture.com

Our 12th Permaculture Design Certificate Course will start on Sept 27 and will meet once per month for 7 months. This course digs deep, and provides many opportunities for networking, apprenticing, receiving mentoring, etc. Some great people have signed up thus far. Write info at growpermaculture.com or call 727-495-6145 - for info about special pricing, let us know where you heard about the course.

Our 13th Design Course will be held in Costa Rica for two-three weeks (different tracks) starting Jan 24. 
I'm in Los Angeles currently, visiting some really great sites and getting updated on some of the successful broadscale actions that are being done here. Exciting stuff, that we can totally replicate there!  Will share specifics here soon! 

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