[permaculture] Fw: Snow that Won't Melt?!?

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On Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 6:22 PM, Carolyn Anderson <cschampagne at gmail.com>wrote:

> I live in North Carolina and have been sending out pictures of our first,
> most beautiful snow.  I was surprised when I went to work that the road was
> still completely white, but thought it was because it was not heavily
> traveled.  It's been cold, so I didn't expect it to melt very fast, but
> today it warmed up and the snow is nearly gone.  So, it is melting in
> nature.
> Having seen this video, I just went outside and gathered up a little bit of
> what was left and brought it in to do this experiment.  I did get water,
> but very little.  And I noticed it didn't respond to the flame of a match
> the way I expected it to.  Some crystals just stayed put.
> I don't want to be an alarmist, or chicken little, but I do want to know
> how someone, or some group, could make snow out of ? that looks so
> authentic.  I wouldn't eat this snow, that's for sure.
That's some statement. Snow no longer safe to eat and for unknown
When a child I used to make snow cream with vanilla and sugar, a real treat.
Substitute soy milk. Take a quart carton of sweetened vanilla flavored soy
(I like Trader Joes as it has good flavor, is cheaper an keeps well). Put
it in the  freezer until it turns to slush, pour in bowl.
top with fresh tangelo slices and you're ready for a real treat. Something
about the cold seems to bring out the vanilla flavor.
There are all sorts of pollutants in the atmosphere, gases, particulate
matter, possibly vapors (volatilized oils or other chemical compounds),
possibly heavy metals, mystery chemicals and all kinds of industrial
pollutants, evaporated petrochemicals and other unknowns.

I guess it actually may not be safe to eat snow but what about rainwater?
Would it depend on where you are? What about those who use catchmanaries
and cisterns to recycle rainwater for household use in cluding potable
water for drinking and cooking?

Chapel Hill NC
coldest winter in five years

> Yes, full disclosure would be a good thing.
> Carolyn

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