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We have dedicated our research to rediscovering the scientific principles
that underlie millennia-old traditional farming systems. These have guided
us to the eight essential aspects that are the foundation of GROW

   - Double-Dug, Raised Beds
   - Composting
   - Intensive Planting
   - Companion Planting
   - Carbon Farming
   - Calorie Farming
   - The Use of Open-Pollinated Seeds
   - A Whole-System Farming Method

Most life in nature occurs at the interface of soil, water, air and sun.
GROW BIOINTENSIVE soil preparation practices create growing beds with more
surface area to maximize the effect of nature’s life processes. Double-dug
beds, with soil loosened to a depth of 24 inches, aerate the soil,
facilitate root growth, and improve water retention. The health and vigor
of the soil are maintained through the use of compost. Close plant spacing
is used to protect soil microorganisms, reduce water loss, and
maximize yields. Companion planting facilitates the optimal use of
nutrients, light and water, encourages beneficial insects and creates a
vibrant mini-ecosystem within the garden. A focus on the production of
calories for the farmer and carbon for the soil ensures that both the
farmer and the soil will be adequately fed and that the farm will be
sustainable. The use of open-pollinated seeds helps to preserve genetic
and enables gardeners to develop their own acclimatized cultivars. All of
the components of this system must be used together for optimum effect and
to avoid depleting the soil.

GROW BIOINTENSIVE mini-farming techniques make it possible to grow food

   - 67% to 88% less water
   - 50% to 100% less fertilizer
   - 99% less energy than commercial agriculture, while using a fraction of

These techniques can also:

   - Produce 2 to 6 times more food
   - Build the soil up to 60 times faster than in nature, if properly used
   - Reduce by half or more the amount of land needed

   Ecology Action of the Mid-Peninsula has been a small 501(c)(3) nonprofit
organization since 1971.

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