[permaculture] Aquaponics: artificial?

georg parlow g.parlow at gmx.at
Sun Jan 5 11:47:10 EST 2014

> That's amazing Georg. It would be interesting to see pictures of your
> duckweed pond, pool or wetland.

Hi Lawrence - see https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/30599070/AP/IMG_0218.JPG 
  and https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/30599070/AP/IMG_0258.JPG -  
it is not easy to see, all of my 7 sump tanks are covered with duck  
weed - it's the blue things under the growbeds.

> that purpose). Could you describe your BSF and crawfish systems? Is  
> flowing
> cold water required for crawfish production?

well, as I said, my BSF system didn't work - it is a blue 200 gallon  
barrel laid on it's side, with a lid cut into the top side, a little  
pipe with a faucet on the bottom (to harvest the compost tea), and  
some 40mm pipes cut lengthwise leaning in the compost to act as  
ladders so the larvae can self-harvest by climbing out on them and  
then dropping into a container unfer the end of the pipe - ut this is  
the part that didn't work. I had some larvae allright (to little, most  
of them were dead by the time the arrived at my place via mail), and  
they transformed lots of compost, but I never harvested any larvae. I  
will report on my new layout as soon as I have a working model - and I  
am confident, I got in touch with a lady growing BSF for food, and  
will get together with her to inprove my model according to her  

Crawfush system not yet exisiting. It is planned to have a simple,  
rather shallow trough with some decaying plant matter in it - the  
water flow goes into this and then via overflow on to the fish tank -  
any escapee is munched, and ever now and then I just scoop some out  
with a spagetthi sieve and throw them in with the fish. I am also  
thinking of growing a bigger crawfish - maybe the common yabby, Cherax  
destructor, in the DWC bed under the plants. This would be mainly for  
food, and if they propagate too profusely, feeding the small to the  


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