[permaculture] Survey for a North American Permaculture Convergence

Bob Waldrop bob at bobwaldrop.net
Thu Jan 2 13:25:35 EST 2014

Below is a letter about the possibility of a North American Permaculture 
Convergence, plus a link to an online survey designed to gauge interest 
and measure participation.

Please forward this on to other forums and groups.  Thanks!

Bob Waldrop, Oklahoma City
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    Dear permies,

    The desire for a North American Convergence has been expressed by a
    number of people over the years. It was discussed at the IPC in
    Jordan in 2011. It appears that at the IPC in Cuba, sufficient
    energy has come together at last, to manifest this.

    At the recent International Permaculture Convergence in Cuba, a
    group of North Americans got together to discuss the potential for
    having a North American gathering. The group agreed that it was
    desirable to do so, and that it was important to have a convergence
    in 2014 rather than wait until 2015 or 2016. We agreed to make it a
    North American convergence rather than a US convergence because of
    interest from Canada and Mexico. We recognized that moving beyond
    borders and including different languages adds to complexity, but it
    also increases our diversity, which is where our strength lies.

    The following elders and regional representatives are in support of
    a convergence and we intend to approach others from all regions. If
    you are an elder and wish to be on the advisory board, please
    contact us.

    Peter Bane,Permaculture Activist, Bloomington, Indiana.

    Brandy Gallagher, OUR Ecovillage, Vancouver Island, British
    Columbia, Canada

    Jude Hobbs, Cascadia Permaculture Institute, Oregon.

    Penny Livingston,Regenerative Design Institute, California.

    Loren Luyendyk,Global Permaculture Design Group,
    <Globalpermaculture.com>, Santa Barbara, California.

    Chuck Marsh,Useful Plants Nursery, Southeast Permaculture
    Convergence, Earthaven Ecovillage, North Carolina.

    Patricia Michael,Patricia Michael Design, Austin, Texas

    Jerome Osentowski,Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute,

    Michael Pilarski,Friends of the Trees Society, Northwest
    Permaculture Convergence, Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild, Montana.

    Scott Pittman,Permaculture Institute USA, New Mexico.

    Wes Roe & Margie Bushman,Santa Barbara Permaculture Network,
    Southern California

    Wayne Weiseman,Permaculture Project LLC, Carbondale, Illinois

    Paula Westmoreland,Ecological Gardens, Permaculture Research
    Institute Cold Climate.  Twin Cities, Minnesota.

    Your opinions about a North American Convergence, what you would
    like to get out of it, and what you would like to see accomplished,
    are important, and we have created a survey to facilitate that
    process. It will help us a lot if you fill this out! Please share it
    with your friends as well.  Please note that there are essay boxes
    where you can share more in-depth communications, needs and opinions
    with us.

    Here is the link:


    At the convergence, representatives from Minnesota offered the use
    of their facility, Harmony Park: a 44 acre outdoor events venue, 90
    minutes from Minneapolis/St. Paul. This facility routinely hosts
    events of 1000 people or more and has the means to feed, house and
    provide presentation space to large groups. Based on this venue’s
    ability to fully handle the physical logistics for a convergence,
    their relatively central location in North America, and their
    willingness and interest in hosting a convergence, we agreed to
    propose Minnesota as the location for the first North American
    Permaculture Convergence, to occur in late August 2014. It is
    exciting because not having an appropriate permaculture-based venue
    that could handle so many people smoothly was one reason the
    convergence has not happened.

    We have a created a Facebook group for the North American
    Permaculture Convergence that anyone interested can join and
    participate in what is happening, as well.

    We are looking forward to co-creating many beneficial connections
    and a stronger, more resilient and collaborative community!


    Ad Hoc Organizing Committee

    North American Permaculture Convergence

    Michael Pilarski, friendsofthetrees at yahoo.com
    <mailto:friendsofthetrees at yahoo.com>

    Koreen Brennan, koreen at growpermaculture.com
    <mailto:koreen at growpermaculture.com>

    Bill Busse, bill at harmonypark.com <mailto:bill at harmonypark.com>

    Ra Gilanpour, ra at livingmandala.com <mailto:ra at livingmandala.com>

    Monica Ibacache, monica.ibacache at gmail.com
    <mailto:monica.ibacache at gmail.com>

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