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 Hello everyone, one behalf of the NEXT BIG STEP Global support group
preparing for London IPC
would you please contribute to the global listing but completing this form?
"Permaculture organisations around the world This is designed to collect
and collate information about the key permaculture organisations in each
country. In some countries there is a clear organisation responsible for
connecting permaculture projects, individuals, and resources. In others,
there is a regional organisation that facilitates this, and in some
countries a lone permaculture project blazing the trail.

The focus is very much on the highest level of strategic organisation
within a country. It is not a comprehensive collection of all permaculture
projects and people, which is" quite "well covered at:
(sadly, this is not always up to date)

Please ensure data you enter is in the public domain (e.g. on a website) or
that you have permission to provide this information into a public domain.
Please do not post personal information. All the data you include below
will be held on a spreadsheet on google drive (although may be transferred
to a more suitable platform if needed). It will be used to contact the
organisations to involve them in the development of further coherence of
permaculture at an international level. It may be made available as a
contact database more widely.

You can add more than one organisation for each country if necessary

Kia ora

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