[permaculture] Advance notes on Permaculture Standards and Principals for NAPC

Gordon Simms gordonsimms_12 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 20 17:55:28 EDT 2014

Just a side thought... I'm hearing a lot today about "Open Source" ie. Open Source Software, Open Source Hardware... How about Open Source Permaculture?
Principles:- Free repository available to the world- Contents downloaded, used freely, improvements uploaded and shared- Contents organically ranked, rated by community- Designer and Educator reputation is organically provided by how much high rated content provided to the community- New permies-to-be can naturally select an educator for a course based on community reputation, geographic location etc..- Clients looking for designers can naturally select a designer based on reputation, geographic location 
Repository:  Wiki Permaculture
Contents- Permaculture Design Course Curriculums- Permaculture Landscape Designs- Polyculture designs- Other ideas?
Would the above environment provide a platform for curriculum templates to grow and evolve organically in the permaculture community?Thoughts?

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> Some might find it to be an "issue"  that there are two organizations 
> aspiring to this certification role -- PINA and the Permaculture 
> Institute in New Mexico.
> I personally don't think that is a problem.  Two is not a crowd. Neither 
> is three.
> In organic agriculture, a farmer wanting to sell certified organic 
> produce has multiple certifying organizations that she or he can choose 
> from.
> I think that works for permaculture too.
> We have a diversity of teaching lineages and thus a diversity of 
> certifying organizations seems appropriate.  With transparency of 
> procedures, principles, and standards, people can make judgements 
> regarding which certifying organization works for them.
> Bob Waldrop
> Okie City
> On 8/18/2014 9:03 AM, Wesley Roe and Santa Barbara Permaculture Network 
> wrote:
> > hi everyone
> >   don’t forget Jude Hobbs will be presenting another vision/direction of Permaculture Standards and Principals that she presented at IPC Cuba
> > wes
> >
> >
> > Jude Hobbs Cascadia Permaculture I've received your notes and wanted to share some information about PINA. As you see in the below description of the vision statement, organizational summary and goals ... our intention is to be the North American Permaculture Professional Organization, which includes a certifying body. Hopefully, within the month we will have detailed information on the website.
> >
> > PINA is an organization that is being established on the grass roots level by people working in the field for over 20 years and are maintaining the ethics and integrity of Permaculture Principles. As a volunteer board, this endeavor has taken over 4 years to put together. The focus of PINA is to offer guidance to Regional Pc HUBS to be the active participants in the process outlined below.
> > During the Cuban Convergence I discussed the intention of PINA, which was very well-received...with over 60 people in attendance. We are a very transparent organization.
> >
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