[permaculture] Getting Permaculture Books In Your Public Library

Chris Carnevale c.s.carnevale at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 08:17:07 EDT 2014

Hey all,

I want to share a brief success story. Our local permaculture community
group has monthly meetings and periodic workdays and people often come out
of these wondering where to learn more and what books to read. We have a
few permaculture titles in the public library catalog, but we could use
more. I cataloged which books they already had and then made a wish list of
which books and DVDs I wished they had. I called the library and said "if
you bring the books, we can bring the patrons.” At first the lady I spoke
with was skeptical that permaculture may be too esoteric of a subject, but
she said she’d check with their collections manager and she would look at
my wish list. I received a message from her the next day, saying that the
collections manager had run the numbers on the few permaculture titles they
already had, that they circulate very well, and that they would be happy to
buy more. I passed along the name of the Permaculture Activist bookstore,
and presto, now I am seeing more titles pop into the catalog.

This was easier than I was expecting and thought that some of you might
appreciate the story and may want to do this with your public library too.

Chris Carnevale
Charleston, SC

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