[permaculture] Advance notes on Permaculture Standards and Principals for NAPC

Jason Gerhardt jasongerhardt at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 12:49:03 EDT 2014

What are you intending by mentioning this? It would appear you are
suggesting there are opposing forces in regards to the issue of
permaculture standards. Just curious. If it is as appears...

We *could *all be working together toward common goals, and I have some
pretty good evidence of that, at least between PINA and Permaculture
Institute. I see two organizations as a form of beneficial redundancy, each
function being performed by multiple elements.

For anyone who is thinking in terms of opposing permaculture standards
organizations, I'll posit that thought pattern will be far more destructive
than constructive. And that goes for those affiliated with PI or PINA,
myself included. So let's check ourselves.

Collaborate and succeed, as the saying goes,

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