[permaculture] Advance notes on Permaculture Standards and Principals for NAPC (typo correction).

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> Some people do not like circles or holding hands or singing.  That is
> It is their right to stand aside and not participate.  I am all about
freedom. On the other hand, if
> some of us do want to stand in a circle, or hold hands, or sing songs,
that is
> our right and those who prefer not to, do not have the right to enforce
> preference on us.

> At NAPC we will warn people before doing any of these things so that
people can step aside.

"I am all about freedom." Apparently freedom to alienate those attendees
who have no interest in hand holding and singing in a circle
and would rather just get on with work, i.e. creating Standards for
Permaculture,  by accusing them of trying to enforce their will on others.
I am sure that those people Toby mentioned will have their decision not to
attend NAPC reenforced by this unfortunate attitude.

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