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The entire text of Section 1 "Invisible Structures "of my ebook on urban 
permaculture is online at http://www.ipermie.net/ipermiesample.pdf and 
may be downloaded and read freely.  It is about a permaculture approach 
to invisible structures.  Below are the chapters of that section and 
their brief summaries.  The section begins on page 177 if you want to go 
directly to it.

Bob Waldrop, Okie City
**Section 1: Invisible Structures *

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick 
society. Jiddu Krishnamurti

Justice and power must be brought together, so that whatever is just may 
be powerful, and whatever is powerful may be just. Blaise Pascal

*Section List of Chapters *
**01011 Invisible Structure Basics*
Structures, systems, religions, organizations, political and economic 
systems, all the "software" that makes human societies work. We move 
towards creating a society where it is easier to care for people, care 
for the planet, and have a care for the future.
**01021 Invisible structures for urban and college permaculture*
The special circumstances involving invisible structures of urban and 
college/university situations.
**01031 Design issues in our urban realities*
The importance of local governments. 18 urban design imperatives. 
Problems of cities.

*01041 Invisible Structure Toolbox*
14 interesting permaculture design tools useful in urban areas.

*01051 Zones in Invisible Structures*
Memes, habits/behaviors, structures, systems, communities, cultures, 
peoples, species. Eight zones for permaculture work.

*01061 Observations About Invisible Structures*
Invisible structures have consequences. Changing invisible structures 
has consequences. Be careful! The problem of
unintended consequences.
**01071 Succession and Invisible Structures*
Memetic evidence of damaged cultural ecologies, first, second, and third 
order change agents.

*01081 Extended Families, Groups, Organizations*
The utility and importance of voluntary cooperation and kinship bonds.

*01091 Open Source Resistance and the Occupy Movement*
Replicating lessons from the Occupy movement.

*01101 Community Permaculture Projects*
Ideas for community permaculture projects in cities and on campus.

*01111 The problem of rent-seeking*
What happens when invisible structures corrupt and go bad.
**01121 Structures of Control and Liberation*
Memes of control and liberation. How those in control stay in power and 
how they oppress the rest of us. The importance of self-fulfilling 

*01131 War, peace, and justice*
Laying the foundation for a future of peace with justice. 01141 The 
Melbourne Principles -- Ten principles for sustainable cities, adopted 
in 2002.
**01151 The Methods of Nonviolent Action*
 From the Albert Einstein Institution, by Dr. Gene Sharp, 198 ideas for 
nonviolent action. Used here with permission of the
**01161 Social Justice and the  Oppression of the Poor*
More on invisible structures gone wrong. How modern societies oppress 
the poor and profit from it.

*01171 Invisible Structure Inventory*
The beginning of an inventory of your involvement with invisible 
structures and your first thoughts on necessary evolutions in invisible 

*01181 Invisible Structure Design Issues*
Two design challenges to get you started.
**01191 Additional resources for Invisible Structures*

http://www.ipermie.net How to permaculture your urban lifestyle and adapt to the realities of peak oil, economic irrationality, political criminality, and peak oil.

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