[permaculture] New Welcome Page | Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild

Lawrence London lfljvenaura at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 22:17:55 EDT 2014

[attn: Toby, Koreen, Michael P. - big promotion for NAPC in their website]

New Welcome Page | Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild

*The Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild is a network of permaculture
practitioners who inhabit a region of the northwestern U.S. between the
Cascade Mountain Range and the Rocky Mountain Range. We host annual
gatherings and operate this interactive website to facilitate communication
among Guild members and between the Guild and the greater community to
inform ourselves and others about the promise of permaculture."*
An Epic Opportunity
Old and young, Experienced and newcomer!!
Transforming the landscape, culture and economy.,,,,,,
Homes, Neighborhoods, Communities
*Go to our website for information on*
* sponsorships, presenting, roundtables, worktrade, **action teams and the
Permaculture Exposition. *


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