[permaculture] A new member of the permaculture list - introduction

DONKA RADEVA donnybg at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 12 19:16:05 EDT 2014

Hello, dear Friends!

My name is Donka Radeva-Decheva and I would like to introduce myself to you. 

I'm from Bulgaria, University of National and World economy, Sofia and I'm in the beginning of studies of PhD degree in Ecological economics. The research which I'm going to do is with topic "The economics of permaculture." I don't have a profound experience with Permaculture, actually I'm coming from Banking, mainly experience in Risk Management and loans granting of different businesses. From the beginning of 2014 I've 
changed my carreer and now I'm working for the science - at the University. I have personal and already proffesional interests in ecological life, food and so on ...
I would need information/guidelines about literature/publications/researches in the field of Permaculture and Economy/Effectiveness of permacultural practices. 

I've had the chance to participate the EUPC2014 in Batak. I've met there great people like Steve Hart, Martina Petru, Leo Bakx and many other nice people from all over the world. I succeeded to write down some literature and good ideas of course, but even more would be very useful for me.

I have interest in writing about Permaculture in farming and its possibilities for increasing effectiveness of agriculture production in Bulgaria /comparing with conventional production for example/. I'm going to write about other economic aspects of Permaculture, too. 

We've discussed with Steve, that if I make some soil tests and research on soil /comparison - permaculture and conventional/ and connect them to economic issues, it could be an interesting work. I'm keen on trying to do this work.
I would be very grateful if you support me in some way.
Thanks a lot in advance!

Best wishes,
Donka Radeva-Decheva 

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