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> The Bigger Picture...and World View...to understand this whole dilemma and
> the propaganda machine that has been slowly evolving since WWII and now
> ramping up significantly obvious by this NYT post we must consider what
> machine we are facing. we must also consider where, how and why we have
> been locked up in conditioned boxes. As I have said on this listserve
> before. Tax is voluntary. There is no law that says we have to pay tax.
> There is no law that says we have to belong to any system. There is no law
> that says we have to register any thing or have a licence for anything.
> This is what we must now start learning in our Invisible Structures. New
> Zealand is the basket case for this dilemma that is now being promoted by
> NYT. In 1981 the Mont Pelerin Society took over NZ. In 1984, 67 state owned
> assets were sold within 6 months to corporates others were corporatised and
> sliced up and sold off. This machine is still running. The average age of
> farmers in NZ is 66. Farm prices in NZ are so high most are now owned by
> bank mortgages or corporates. The true meaning of the word mortgage, from
> Blacks law dictionary...grip of death. The corporate design is not to have
> younf people moving onto land or becoming traditionally farmers. No they
> will become economists/ accountants to the corporates that will run these
> farms, by slave labour forces huge machinery and chemical plants. So they
> will control the entire worlds food chain. Simple isn't it ? The corporate
> machine of TMPS is using NZ as its model, to evolve successful examples all
> around the world. It has also moved this model into Australia. Which is a
> totally different farming environment but with very similar subsequence and
> consequence. The rate of suicide amongst Aust farmers is very very high,
> alarmingly....due in large to their mortgage debts beyond their weather and
> environmental challenges. So we need to look hard and long and learn more
> about the bigger picture and consider designing models of escape, to become
> resilient ecologically sustainable communities as great designers that we
> apparently are...look, observe but do we see ? before we can extrapolate
> and intervene then start to design and build ?...Steve Hart

The following is off topic, a wake up call and somewhat related to Steve's
post above:

And if "they" don't get their way they just start another war using
whatever it takes to get the job done
just as they have always done throughout history, subterfuge, surrogates,
civil wars, false flag operations, etc etc etc.:

A friend wrote up this piece of history and sent it to me in email just the
other day.

"Wars are never "about" just one thing. You need a lot of people, all
conniving together, to put together a war. And so there have to be
intersecting interests, to bind them in the plot.

First and foremost, the far right back in 1949 had one big club to use
bashing the liberals in the state department and in the universities. Mao
had just taken over mainland China, causing our stooge Master Chiang to
flee to Formosa with his millions in American bounty and his army of
minions. So all the right wingers were shouting "Who lost China!!?"

That left room for a new defense industry to grow, like a mushroom in
compost. "We" had to find a way to take China back again. And before that,
we had to find a way to roll back the unchecked spread of Red Chinese

What better way to begin than by starting a secret war in far-off, exotic
Laos. A land beyond the end of the world. The only place this war ever
appeared in print was in the pages of Terry and the Pirates. So the spook
brigade launched the legendary Pop Buell into Lotus Land by air drop,
parachuting in with his backpack full of guns and Freedom!

One problem soon developed: you can't hold a secret war without having a
secret stream of funding. So the spooks had to sit down and figure out a
way of getting this secret war to pay for itself.

What they figured out was actually pretty damned ingenious. One of Chiang's
armies had fled across the border, with Mao's hordes close behind, from
Yunnan into Burma. They found themselves in the middle of Wa country, an
unmapped stretch of mountains full of headhunters, savages from the time
before history. And since they had guns they became the leaders of the Wa.
Understand, I'm not making any of this stuff up.

It was traditionally opium country, so they did what they did best: grow
black tar opium. What they needed was a marketing agent, so they could turn
the tar into operating funds and get back into China-- this time with state
of the art, expensive weaponry. They could take the whole place back from
the Reds. All they needed was the funding.

Enter our American CIA. They quickly used unknown, utterly remote Laos as a
base of operations, and set up Air America-- an ostensibly civilian
transport airline. Supposedly it would stay in business shipping rice,
beans, chickens and the occasional packet of airmail. But of course, today
we know what was really in those bags.

After a quick stop in northern Thailand, where the bulky paste was cooked
down into compact packets of China White, this Double UO Globe heroin
(their brand name) was then offloaded down in Saigon, and shipped into
France and New York by the Corsicans-- the people who twenty years later
became known as the French Connection. But the trade was organized to
support the Chinese Nationalists.

And in the process, it provided sustaining funds for the creation of
WACL... the World Anti Communist League. A league of superheros, places
like Israel, South Korea, South Africa, Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina... all
of them freedom fighters against the Red Menace. Riding into town , if I
may say so, on a "white horse".

Naturally lots of other people made money off the plan. The weapons
manufacturers, of course. But also political players and newspaper
columnists, guys like Bob Novak. A whole movement thrived off this trade,
waging political campaigns on funding raised from New York junkies via
jewelry stolen from Manhattan apartments."

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