[permaculture] NE Women in Permaculture Gathering Extends Invite and New Deadline of August 15th

Anandi Premlall aapremlall at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 20:42:23 EDT 2014

Dear Women-, & Womyn-identified Permaculturists of the Northeast,

*We've extended our registration date and wanted to put out one final call
for registration! We also wanted to even further extend the invitation to
those women that may not have taken a Permaculture Design Course but that
are still working in the field (because we acknowledge many people practice
permaculture without calling it permaculture). Please register by August


We, the Seed Team of this Women in Permaculture Gathering, extend to all
women, those assigned female at birth, & gender-variant individuals, who
are actively engaged as permaculture educators, organizers, and/or
designer/practitioners in the Northeast, an invitation to gather together
for exchange & renewal at the newly perennial Northeast Women in
Permaculture Gathering at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, in
Rhinebeck, NY, Sunday September 7 to Wednesday September 10, 2014.

PURPOSE  We gather to...

- strengthen connections to ourselves, to one another, & to our Mother

- honor womyn's contributions to the permaculture movement;

- create a supportive environment for healing, empowerment, well-being,
skill-building, & the cultivation of best practices;

- deepen our understandings of sexism, & grow skills for undoing all forms
of oppression;

- celebrate & practice non-hierarchical, collaborative ways of learning,
teaching & organizing.


In October 2012, the Omega Institute
<http://www.eomega.org/visit-us/rhinebeck-ny>  in Rhinebeck, NY hosted a
gathering of active permaculture practitioners in the Northeast.  Out of
this congregation, grew an organizing group that emerged to focus on
creating a gathering specifically for women in Permaculture. In 2013, Omega
Institute generously hosted 40 participants for a two-day retreat where
women & womyn-identified permie-folk got to connect with one another, build
relationships, and deepen our permaculture roots.  Now in 2014, we have
been invited back by the Omega Institute to hold a second Northeast Women
in Permaculture Gathering.


The gathering is intended to start softly in the evening on Sunday,
September 7th -- with time to land, introduce, (re-)connect, & share a
meal.  We may arrive anytime Sunday afternoon -- & as late as Monday
morning the 8th.  We will formally begin with an opening circle Monday
Morning at 9am and close out Wednesday in the morning and check out at noon.

The Gathering will build on last year's leadership & organizing models, as
well as its purpose & content Unlike last years gathering, which was almost
entirely open space, this years gathering will include a mix of open space
and pre-planned workshops.   As an attendee, one may hope to connect &
share space with other brilliant forces in regenerative design in the
region... as well as to dance, laugh, sing, be silly, be serious, cry,
track animals in the woods, learn new skills, & more.  Join us, please.
 Share your gifts with those who want to share their's with you.

We want to support mothers in coming to this event.  Mothers with children
are welcome. Omega provides childcare for children ages 4-12.  Children
under 4 are welcome also and if there are mothers with children under 4
interested in coming, we will work with them arrange childcare within the


The fee for this years gathering is $75.  This fee includes housing or a
commuter fee if a participant is staying off campus, use of a classroom and
all Omega facilities, and three meals daily during the Event Period. This
small fee is the generous offer of OMEGA and the unpaid organizing team.
 But for those that cannot afford $75 there are limited scholarships
available.  All cancellations must be made 10 days prior to the event (August

We are also suggesting to those that can afford to offer a donation to give
$5-75 to the scholarship fund.

Additionally, we would like to thank OMEGA for their generosity by asking
participants to bring perennial plants to contribute to the OMEGA nursery.

Space is Limited. Please register by August 15th on the website
https://sites.google.com/site/2014nepcwomen/ .

Looking Forward,

The 2014 SEED Team

Anandi, Simone, Frances, Antonia, Elyssa, Laura, Lauren and Uma.

[image: Anandi A. Premlall on about.me]

Anandi A. Premlall

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