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> I'm sorry but this is highly offensive. The situation the author speaks of
> is both legitimate and common amoung young farmers. Ridiculing them helps
> no one; especially since most of the permaculturists I know mainly grow
> food while relying on off the farm jobs in situations not really much
> different than what the NYT article describes.

Noone was rdiculing the farmers. The NYT had published a blatant piece of
crass propaganda
and the only beneficiary is corporate ag. They did not have to publish that
articoe and instead could have done on on farms who are doing great work,
working hard and surviving economically.
Instead of doing something positive and helpful they did the opposite
telling the public once again that small local farmers are cut adrift from
any level of the mainstream economy.
Local small natural permacultural farms should pay low taxes and have first
choice for the best local marketing opportunities and furthermore county
taxes should be spent creating a venue for them that can accomodate all of
them and should publicize these farms for the benefit of local customers.

> There is only room for just so many educations centers in any given
> market. That is not a solution if we want to see any significant number of
> acres transitioned to permaculture systems.
> There was a time in this country where you could support a family from a
> farm, but that is no longer the case because of the cheap food system
> which was intentionally setup to concentrate all the profits in the system
> in the hands of the processors.
I guarantee that you can compete with the cheap food system and still make
a decent living.
Word of mouth is a very valuable marketing tool. On farm economic
diversification would help pay the bills
until food production and marketing methods are streamlined.

> Pete

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