[permaculture] Support North American permaculture convergence

Koreen Brennan cory8570 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 8 10:31:57 EDT 2014

 For those of you who would like to support getting people to the convergence who might not otherwise be able to come, we have a scholarship fund! 

We are offering scholarships to people who are doing significant volunteer work in high poverty areas in particular.  We have had some worthy applicants, you can see some of them here. 

Because it is so expensive to fly from Mexico ($700 plus or minus), and because it is tougher to create that kind of extra income there, we are especially interested in helping those from Mexico to make it to the convergence. 


If you can't attend the convergence yourself, please consider supporting someone else to do this. If you are attending, but have extra income, consider assisting someone else to come. We appreciate it! 


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