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Found this in Google+; maybe some will enjoy these thoughts as much as I
have and will find them relevant to the NAPC events:

John Kellden <https://plus.google.com/u/0/101010252943098026073> originally
shared <https://plus.google.com/u/0/101010252943098026073/posts/bEY7oUG1czs>
to Conversation (21C Literacies)

*21C Literacies, part 4: Social Presencing*

*"I'm ok to go."*
-- Ellie, Contact
Contact (1997) Launch Scene <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MG0PEozw5kk>

*"The social plane allows us much greater diversity in selecting which
culture our personas are adapted to thrive in - allowing us to form tribes
with those resonant with our deepest core values, and to build the masks
most compatible with that tribe."*
-- +Grizwald Grim <https://plus.google.com/116135963476096063106>

*"By our very presence within it we change the nature of a system, but so
too it changes us, and we carry those changes from system to system where
ever we go as our lives unfold."*
-- +Bruce Marko <https://plus.google.com/115590411932376027038>

The language of your mind, is metaphor. The bad news? Your ego will take
you on a spin, for ten thousand hours, thereabouts - the scenic route. The
good news? Once you've rediscovered your own language, unlearning is only
0.3 seconds away. Seven years of practice, followed by overnight success.
What would we most like to do, what destinations would we choose - if we
were ok to go?

*We story our world alive through metaphor*

+Ron Scroggin <https://plus.google.com/113336227879806185984> :
*Maybe what it all comes down to, and what "answers" much of our
questioning, is metaphor. With metaphor "nothing is there" but something

*Picasso's Guernica is just paint on canvas, otherwise nothing. But we know
that's not true because Guernica changed the world -- and is still changing
it, because Picasso's intent is being transmitted through its image of war
without glory, **http://goo.gl/ieEqgj <http://goo.gl/ieEqgj>**  and
influences many minds who affect the actual world.*

*The physical painting is not the metaphor. It can't change anything. The
metaphor is in Picasso's mind, and ours. The image of Guernica in our
minds, is like a war, but it's not a war, it's a metaphor.*

*From there, many metaphors acting through history until now have
interacted, multiplied, changed the world. We're now experiencing a
breathless increase in the dynamics of metaphor in the world of meaning.*

*Metaphor itself is the artistic medium through which the Conversation
Community is transmitting its intent, our intent. All else is biosemiotics,
which we can continue to talk about, but this is a good start.*

*Because of the power of metaphor we've been able to build a collective
intelligence scaffolding: 21C Expedition, serving as a workspace to create
a Roadmap, an immersive environment, wayfinding our present, past and

*There is much to say about the backstory, and about how **+Farinaz Parsay
<https://plus.google.com/115872651386906040020>**   was the catalyst for
what is now unfolding, followed by three other travellers who were ok to
go: **+Susan Cox <https://plus.google.com/112754563219371602998>**, **+Terry
Brown <https://plus.google.com/115271850345808501282>** & **+Volker
Harbecke <https://plus.google.com/104300257812740945230>**  but nothing
would have happened without the community, the We, and each of us

*Working and playing in a metaphorical (imaginary) environment, the Base
Camp on the Sagarmatha Sensemaking Plateau, starting with **+Henk Hadders
<https://plus.google.com/112009250159068859432>** legendary text, and
experiencing **+Joachim Stroh
<https://plus.google.com/100641053530204604051>**'s uncanny immersive trip,
we got a view from there and back again, and it gave us a lot of ideas
(several of them practical), about how we can take next steps, adding
onboarding gear and signage to our future 21C Roadmaps.*

*Throughout - keeping in mind that metaphor produces action in the actual
world, through enacting my own and others' stories:*

*It's getting quite "late" here in Base Camp, where the experience of time
is a bit uncertain. Before signing off may I say that what I'm experiencing
personally is quite a lot like being immersed (living) in a novel as it's
being written, and participating in the writing.*
-- +Ron Scroggin <https://plus.google.com/113336227879806185984>

*We made it? What happened? We happened*


TED: You contacted us.  We were simply listening.  We've been listening for
millions of years.

ELLIE: And those other docking ports I saw... I mean... there are others?

TED: Many others.

ELLIE: And they all travel here through this wormhole subway system you

TED: Oh, we didn't build it.  The transit system has been in place for
billions of years; we're just its... caretakers.

ELLIE: So who...?

TED: We don't know.  Whoever they were, they were gone long before we ever
got here.

ELLIE: The scale... it's just... (catching her breath)


*Social Presence Fieldbook*   http://goo.gl/T1PkPU
There's an ongoing project, the Social Presence Fieldbook, which will form
part of a future launch of this literacy to a wider circle, to a larger

21C Literacies, part 3: Enacting, Sensing & Graph Traversal

21C Literacies, part 2: Community

21C Literacies, part 1: Storyweaving

Image: Moebius   http://goo.gl/yK3lH9

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