[permaculture] List of permaculture teachers in North America - PLEASE EDIT

Jason Gerhardt jasongerhardt at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 15:09:29 EDT 2014

I have a few thoughts to share about the data gathering of permaculture
teachers. One main clarification would be to come up with a definition of
what it means to teach a PDC. Does that mean one was the lead instructor?
Or, teaching a couple segments? Or, signing certificates? A lot of listings
show guest instructors as well as lead instructors, without clarifying
roles. Also, how can you be sure those classes were actually taught? A
course listing suggests one is trying to get people to register, but
inevitably, some courses don’t end up happening because of lack of

If using the pc activist or any other source how can one be sure that the
names in there were the people who actually taught the course? For example,
I have been listed on CRMPI’s (Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture
Institute) website for a couple years, but due to scheduling conflicts have
never actually taught in their course.

In general, I think course listings would be a somewhat inaccurate way to
gather this info. I think a crowdsourced approach, like Rafter suggests,
would be potentially more useful. It would seem letting people fill in
their own information would be a more accurate way of getting it. Then the
inevitable errors of leaving people out or any other inaccuracy will be the
responsibility of the individual rather than the list maker/keeper.
However, crowdsourcing will leave out those who are now inactive in the
permaculture scene.

It would also be cool to collect whether the course was a three week
residential, two week residential, weekend, collegiate, online, or any
other formats to keep track of the evolution of PDC formatting, which is
going to become an important history to track as more and more courses are

I say this knowing full well I have no time or energy to contribute to this
project, so I’m just humbly offering these thoughts as I applaud you,
Michael, for taking this on…no small project! I think this is a very
valuable thing. As a baseball fan, I love it when new players come up from
the minors with a deep understanding of the history of the team and what it
means to represent that history. I look at permaculture in a similar light.
Respect the lineages, respect the elders, know the track that others have
beaten to allow for your own success. Unfortunately, I see less of this
from the newer folks coming into the fold than I would like. So I think a
permaculture history project is totally in order, even if it isn’t perfect.

Best of wishes,

Jason G.


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Boulder, CO 80306

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