[permaculture] Urban Farming in Wheat Ridge Colorado

Steve Hart stevenlawrencehart at gmail.com
Sun Apr 27 14:42:20 EDT 2014

Great initiative Richard...like many more thousands around the world,
waking up to reality. Go hard and keep us posted. Look forward to the
website.  But many will never recognise how the banksters are manipulating
it all. Payback is coming faster than they can imagine. I like Hazel
Henderson's values and theories of Full True Cost accounting, where
everything costs, and enjoy working with such equation in many aspects of
many activities. Often placing $ into an energy equation gives another
viewpoint of how things can be equated, for most of us if not all have been
conditioned to the $. Like it or not we are all under the strangelhold of
the banksters who have manipulated every aspect of our society to design in
the new slave order we are all so very much a part of...breaking out of the
shackles is the exciting journey, that many more of us are on. I enjoy the
debate also, over cost of urban, peri-urban, versus rural. Its nonsense to
put the them into the same equation for there are so many different
elements to each factor.  I reckon it is very smart and also astute to
recognise the values of urban land as productive. This sets us on a pathway
of urban sustainability and again Full True Cost accounting within the
shackles we live, or find ourselves, or choose to be...There is so much
talk about Sustainable Cities, where little debate has any sight of
realistic models or examples. Projects like this Richard are a start. It
will be exciting also to see where it travels to. We are still a long way
off of seeing a new economic policy that takes over the world and will be
known as Green Economics. Although we do have many elements of the examples
to start forming the frameworks for such.... another book for ya
Toby....Steve Hart

On 26 April 2014 18:58, Bob Waldrop <bob at bobwaldrop.net> wrote:

> Anyone thinking about doing urban market gardening should check out the
> "Small plot intensive" folks in Saskatoon Canada, who market garden about a
> half acre of land, and it's not a contiguous half acre, but scattered
> around town in people's back yards. They gross about $50,000/year, with two
> people working full time.  The publish a dozen or so "guides" which
> describe in considerable detail their methods.
> http://www.spinfarming.com/
> Bob Waldrop, Okie City
> http://www.ipermie.net How to permaculture your urban lifestyle and adapt
> to the realities of peak oil, economic irrationality, political
> criminality, and peak oil.
> On 4/21/2014 2:55 PM, starwulf wrote:
>> Hi,
>> My name is Richard and I live in Wheat Ridge, CO and I am getting real
>> tired of food prices rising faster than inflation or commodity prices. So,
>> I am on a quest to start an Urban Farming project under a Cooperative
>> business model to do two things: 1) get people of like mind to join me in
>> growning more of our own food and sharing excess; 2) as we grow selling
>> excess production to: A) fund the movement; B) fund outreach and education
>> to school age children and intereted adults; C) be financially viable to
>> stay in business and generate an income ( PT/ for FT) for the cooperative
>> members.
>> A big idea that I’ve already started in my own yard.  Anyone who live or
>> knows someone who live near me that would be interested in joining me,
>> please have them email me.
>> Richard Boettner
>> ----------------------------------------
>> Tomorrows Vision, Owner & Visionary
>> Sustainability Speaker / Educator
>> Holding the Vision of Tomorrow Today
>> See my published works at:
>> http://www.scribd.com/starwulf
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